Things to Ask Before Hiring a Professional Groomer

Hiring a professional groomer can help your dog look like a brand new pet. Also, they can keep them healthy with fur and teeth cleaning. However, you want to make sure that the groomer has what your dog needs. Here are some things to ask before you hire a professional groomer.

Can I Look At Your Facility?

Before picking a groomer, ask them if you can look at their facility. Maybe some advice from will help you narrow down your choices. Ask about the sanitation routine, tubs, tables, and workstations.

You want to make sure that your dog is in good hands. From the facility to the groomer, you need to see their measures to keep your dog clean. Also, you want the facility to be comfortable for your dog to get its fur trimmed.

Do a thorough look at the facility and make sure you get your questions answered because your dog deserves the best care possible.

What Training Do They Have?

Of course, you want to know their background. Did the groomer work at an apprenticeship? Do they attend classes at a pet grooming school?

Also, you want to know if they have experience cutting for your breed. Each dog’s fur is different. Dogs also have different personalities, so they need the working hours to help them deal with hyper or more anxious dogs.

Maybe they volunteer hours to work with dogs at a center or do some overtime grooming. When you see they have extensive training and experience in this field, it’s a good indicator that they’ll do right by your faithful friend.

Can You Stay and Watch Your Dog Groomed?

Maybe it’s a new pet groomer, and you want to watch them cut your dog’s fur. Know their process and how they make your dog feel comfortable. Additionally, it’ll give you peace of mind knowing that you’re there if anything goes wrong.

You can tell the groomer how you want your dog’s fur trimmed and cleaned. Also, it gives you and your pet a chance to get to know the groomer a bit. It’s a more relaxing situation because some dogs get nervous around new people.

It’s certainly the case when trimming the fur, clipping its nails, and doing a deep cleaning. Asking questions can make you more comfortable as you find the best groomer for your furry friend.