These Are the Best Types of Pets for Children

Your child has been begging you for a pet for a few months now. Their birthday is coming up, and you’ve decided to give in to their demands.

The question is, what animal should you get for them? You can go with the tried and true puppy but not every child is ready for the level of responsibility it brings.

Many parents opt to get their little one a fish, but they don’t tend to last for a long time. All types of pets have their pros and cons.

We can help you pick one out. Check out this pet buying guide to find the perfect friend for your kid.


Fish are great starter pets for kids. They’re not that difficult to take care of, depending on what type of aqua friend you get. Goldfish seems like the best option, but they’re not. 

It’s easy to kill a Goldfish if you’re not on your toes. A Mandarin Dragonet looks beautiful but can be a little difficult to care for because of its picky eating habits. 

You want to go with a betta fish. They don’t have any demanding needs other than water temperature.

You also can’t put it in an aquarium with any other type of fish. They’re not called Siamese fighting fish for nothing. 


dog pug

Getting a dog is a huge commitment. They are most likely the highest maintenance pet that you can get your child, but it can teach them a huge lesson in responsibility. 

You’ll have to help them learn how to how to housebreak the dog. They have to have regular vet appointments and more. It’s a lot of work, but your child will have a furry friend that will grow up with them. 

Some good breeds for kids are boxers, Labrador retrievers, beagles, and golden retrievers. Any one of these dogs will be able to meet your child’s energy and have fun with them. 


If buying a pet dog seems like too much work, a cat is your next best bet. They’re not quite as high maintenance as a dog, but they do take regular vet appointments and shots. 

Other than that, all they need is food, water, a fresh litter pan, and lots of love. They’ll grow up with your child, and they get into all kinds of fun furry antics. 


Your child can’t cuddle a tortoise the same way they would a dog, but they’ll grow up with the child and then some. They can live for over 50 years. 

Some species of snakes aren’t that hard to take care of, but constrictors are a no-go. Reptiles are also hypoallergenic so, they won’t trigger your kid’s allergies. 

Choosing from the Best Types of Pets for Your Child 

There are many different types of pets for kids. All of them take some level of responsibility to take care of. If your little one is ready to take on the new challenge, one of the furry (or scaly) friends on this list will be a great pick. 

If you’re looking for ways to help your child take care of their new pet, we can help. We have tips for dogs, spiders, cats, and beyond.