Tips for Keeping Guinea Pig as a Pet

Close Up Photo of Guinea Pig Sitting on a Hand

At the start of the year 2020, Guinea Pigs have sky-rocketed their popularity among pet owners. They started to fill in more houses as loving indoor pets since the beginning of the quarantine season. However, little do people know that Guinea Pigs did not actually come from Guinea, and from their looks, … Read more

20 Interesting Facts about Guinea Pigs

Interesting Facts about Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are one of the most popular rodents that are kept as pets. They are funny, innocent and cute little creatures. They can be very affectionate once they get to know their owners. If you own a guinea pig, you might know about their likes, dislikes, and personality. But how much … Read more

Choosing a Small Pet

Three guinea pigs

Want a small pet? Many homeowners still want to keep a pet, other than a dog or a cat, so they opt for small pets. However small they are, choosing these pets is no small job either. With their adorable size alone, not to mention different colors and fur patterns, it can … Read more