Slot games types and how to select your fav

The most popular casino games are, of course, pokies. Slot machines emerged in the early 30th century and quickly became the favourite game of many thousands of players. When the internet and online gambling came along, they became the favourite of millions.

Why? The main reason is that you can win huge prizes with small stakes. Also, they are easy to understand, bright and noisy. This gambling game doesn’t require much thought about strategy and catches you on the hook for a ‘dopamine’ reward: “I’m about to get my winnings”!

Nevertheless, thinking about strategy is still essential. Choosing the proper pokie that suits your goals and tastes is very important here. So let’s look at the basic types of pokie machines placed in a typical Australian online casino, like https


These are the simplest games that exist. This category includes fruit titles that contain images of lemons, cherries and other fruits. They also retain the old bell, seven and card symbols from the very first pokies of the 20th century.

They tend to have a laconic design: 3 reels, 1-5 lines. Scarce are features such as special symbols or nudge or hold-n-lock. Therefore, manufacturers often add jackpots to such games to attract players.

Video slots

This category contains a wide variety of games. Most include 5 reels or more. Due to the more significant number of symbols, there is a variety of bonus mechanics built-in. So you’d think they’d have a better chance of winning than 3-reel games. But that’s not entirely true.

RTP and variance influence the outcome:

  •   A high RTP increases the chances of winning.
  •   Variance comes in high and low variance.
  •   High variance means infrequent payouts but of a large size.
  •   A low variance is frequent small payouts.

Before choosing a pokie, read its review and learn about these parameters. It often turns out that a 3-reel pokie pays out more often than a 5-reel one. After all, there are more symbols on the reels in the second case, which means more variations for combinations. And the chances of getting the most expensive varieties with the biggest prizes are lower.


Most pokies have multiple paylines – 5, 25, 50 etc. A payline is a specific sequence of symbols on the reels. If it turns out to be the same picture, you get a prize.

However, games with Megaways, Cluster Pays and other similar payout mechanics are becoming increasingly popular. These pokies have a massive number of paylines, increasing your chances of winning. But betting is more significant than in 3-reel games because you need to bet on every line!

3D Pokies

These are games with 3D graphics. They often have exciting plots, animations and exciting mechanics. The most famous example is Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt. Now such slots are mainly produced by the BetSoft brand.

Jackpot pokies

In these games, you have a chance of winning an impressive prize. There are fixed jackpots where the manufacturer or the casino determines the amount. Progressive jackpots are based on a percentage of all bets wagered, so the jackpot amounts keep increasing.

Remember that the possibility of winning the jackpot is 1 in a few million. So don’t rely too much on luck when playing such pokies.

Choose a game according to your preference. Bright 3D pokies with low volatility are a great way to have a vibrant time with frequent winnings. Hardcore gambling fans are likely to enjoy the fruit pokies. May the fortune be with you!