Should we store a large amount of dog and cat food and supplies in a possibly new quarantine in 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has come, shown a promise of going but it is still very much around. The pandemic started on the last day of 2019, reached a peak between March and April, started to reduce by May based on measures of lockdown, social distancing as well as other instructions such as sanitizing and wearing of face masks. However, with the relaxation of the lockdown in most countries by June, some countries in the world experienced another surge in the outbreak of the pandemic, with some forced to declare a second lockdown. As an individual and a pet owner, you might be wondering if you should stock up on food for you and your pets in case of a new lockdown or not.

The case for stocking up on food

For most people, it is not like they have so much money that they can always have enough to get all the food that can sustain them as well as their dog, cat or other pets they might have for a long time within a short notice. The good thing about ordering a large amount of dog food is that it is usually cheaper. However, if you will not be able to afford the large quantity of food at short notice, it might be a great idea to regularly buy food when they have money and stock up so that in the event of new quarantine and lockdown, they can have enough to feed their pets for some time, which hopefully should be as long as the lockdown will last. Fortunately, lockdowns will always come with an announcement and a day or 2 to allow people to stock up on food. Furthermore, during the lockdown, people will still be allowed out to stock up on their supplies.

Another case for stocking up food is that even without a lockdown, a person can become quarantined when they are observed to be positive. In this case, they will not have the opportunity to be able to stock up on food because they will immediately be quarantined. In most cases, this could be at a medical facility, but there are also countries where people are told to quarantine at home until they feel unwell before they are transferred to a medical facility for treatment. If you get the virus when you are low on pet food supplies, it could be a risk for your pets.

The case for not stocking up on food

There are some cases for stocking up on food. First is the fact that food is best consumed when it is fresh. In most cases, fresh food tastes better and more nutrients compared to when they are no longer fresh. Furthermore, most foods are perishable implying that they could get spoilt within a short while. However, many pet foods are manufactured such that they can stay for long without losing taste or getting spoilt. You can invest in those types of food if you wish to stock up.

Another case for not stocking up on food is that in the effect of another lockdown or general quarantine, a few days will be given for people to get food before the lockdown. It will be best to get food during this period. There is also the fact that there might never be any lockdown and you might not want to start using the stock up food until there is a lockdown. Hence, by the time it is clear that there is no more lockdown probably with the advent of vaccines and medications, most of the food you stocked up might already be close to their expiry date.

Another case for not stocking up on food is that even in the event of a sudden lockdown or quarantine, food services are expected to continue. There is also the fact you can order for food online and it would be delivered to your home. If you have an exotic animal, it is especially convenient to get pet supplies delivered to you at home or at neighbouring stores that you will be permitted to visit during a lockdown.

Your decision

Your decision to stock up or not should be based on if you can afford a large quantity of pet food, food for you and your family as well as other necessary expenses within a short notice. If not, it might be best to start stocking up in little quantities so that in the event of a lockdown, you will already have adequate food to keep you and your pets.