Safety Precautions at a Horse Stable

Having a horse to pet and take care of is indeed a relaxing and worthwhile experience. Horses are gentle creatures that have been a significant part of society ever since ancient times. And people are most likely knowledgeable of how to tame, train, and take care of this magnificent animal. 

However, despite being considered gentle and calm, horses are sometimes aggressive and ferocious. That is why if you are planning to buy a horse, there are various factors you need to know before deciding what to purchase. Improper handling of horses could lead to accidents. It is important to be aware of the safety precautions you need to bear in mind when taking care of a horse. 

There are different safety measures you need to remember and practice at the horse stable to make sure you and your companion are safe from harm. In this article, we are going to look into various safety precautions you need to take at a horse stable. 

Tie Your Horse Properly

To promote safety at your horses’ stable, the first thing you need to bear in mind is to tie your horse properly. Learning how to tie your horse correctly could save you from various dangers and accidents that could occur from malpractice. Before leaving, always make sure where you tied your horse; the ideal places to tie your horse are strong and large, stationary posts. However, if tying them on a post is not possible, any object would be fine, as long as they are not movable. Tying your horse in a door or fence is okay; just make sure they cannot pull it to avoid accidents. The same thing goes if there are vehicles or machines present inside the barn. Tying your horse in a vehicle is more prone to accidents since it is much easier to pull, causing various damages. 

Keep The Barn Neat And Tidy

One of the most basic practices you need to consider when promoting safety at your horse stable is to keep it clean—having a neat barn could significantly reduce or prevent accidents. Simple barn tools could be the cause of serious damages or injuries; rakes, wheelbarrows, and so on are only some of the barn tools that could potentially cause harm both to you and your horse. Always make sure to keep your tools in check and place them in a clean box. Organize your equipment and products so they would be easier to find and not simply lying on the floor. In addition to this, always keep the floor dry as much as possible to prevent it from getting slippery. Having a slippery floor is no doubt a hazard in your horse stable since you could suffer a bad fall if you are not careful enough. 

Do Not Smoke In The Barn

If you are a smoker, then you would need to stop your smoking sessions – when you are in the horse stable, at least. Besides the various harmful effects that second-hand smoking can do on your horse’s body, it also imposes danger in the barn because of the several flammable materials presents there. A horse stable is common for having various combustible materials, such as hay. Furthermore, if the barn itself is made from wood, one accidental ember caused by a lit cigar could turn into a huge fire. Being careless when it comes to smoking could put your horse and yourself at risk, not to mention the property damages it might cause you.  

Check For Damages And Repair Them

If you have been a horse owner for quite some time, it is no wonder your stable would become a bit shabby; some tools become rusty, doors are squeaky, and the wood on the wall falls down. This situation is nothing new as it is common not just in horse stables but also in other structures or objects that have been around for many years. That is why it is important to constantly check for damages present in your horse stable and then repair them right away. Small cracks could turn into something big if not fixed right away. Such damages could potentially cause harm to you and your horse if not careful enough, so make sure your horse’s stable is always in good condition. May serious accidents have happened with horses including famous people such as President Franklin Pierce and Christopher Reeves.