How To Choose A Perfect Dog To Match Your Lifestyle

Bringing home a canine companion is a bigger responsibility than you imagine. You have to feed the pet on time, take it out for walks, provide toilet training, and stay regular with vaccinations and vet visits. More importantly, you have to make sure that the pet fits into your lifestyle. It is easier said than done, considering some canines may not be comfortable with large families and others hate being alone. Everything boils down to finding one that matches your lifestyle. Just a little effort to choose the best match can make your pet parenting journey smooth and easy. Here are some tips that can help.

Choose the right size

The size of your home determines the ideal dog for you for evident reasons. After all, you will want the pet to feel safe and easy in your living space. People living in small apartments should adopt smaller dogs to keep the animal happy and comfortable. Likewise, you can look for a bigger one if you have plenty of space indoors and outdoors. Consider the space you can make available dedicatedly for the animal.

Consider your schedule

It is equally important to pick the type of dog compatible with your schedule. An animal with a high energy level will be the right match if you love exercising and spending time outdoors. Those with busier schedules need to look for a pet that loves staying indoors. You can plan indoor exercises and activities to keep the pet active without disrupting your schedule.

Pick the right breed

Apart from the specific behavioral traits of the dog, you must consider the mannerisms of the breed and match them with your lifestyle. For example, you can check the strongest dog breeds if you want a guard animal for your living space. Look for a gentle, playful, and docile breed if you have kids at home. You can research your facts online or discuss the options with a seasoned pet parent to find the ideal one. It makes sense to learn more about specific health issues of different breeds before going ahead.

Know the age factor

A dog’s personality differs at each stage, from puppyhood to adolescence, adulthood, and old age. The age of the animal matters if you want to handle a specific temperament and ditch challenging tasks like housetraining. A puppy is a good choice if you have time to start from scratch. You will have to train it, take it for vaccinations, and work on its mannerisms. Conversely, a trained and mature canine is a better option if you need to leave it alone at home during the day.

Check the history

Get more specific by checking the history of the animal before bringing it home. You will know the animal’s genetics if buying from a dog breeder. But its history might be cloudier if you choose to adopt from an animal shelter. Abandoned or even abused may have anxiety issues, making them hard to handle. But you can still bring the pet home and invest in good care to make it disciplined and obedient.

The right dog makes a perfect companion as its upbringing does not interfere with your lifestyle. It only makes life better and happier for you and your family.