How to Care for a Pet Gerbil

Generally, people keep gerbils as family pets, and you can find them in different colors like black, white, grey, and spotted. If you socialize them from a young age and treat them gently, they can be great pets. You can know more about gerbil traits and behaviors at sites like Homepethelp.

These gerbils are friendly, curious, active, and energetic. Gerbils incline to hurry and run about. Hence it can be challenging to hold them. Gerbils generally make lovely family pets, but you should never leave them unsupervised with small kids. Anyhow, if you want to know about how to care for your pet gerbil, then keep on reading below:

Understanding Gerbils

There is no single ideal way to care for all gerbils because each gerbil and every situation is different. It is up to you how you take care of your gerbils.

Gerbil Living Spaces and Cages

In the wild, gerbils mostly live in subversive tunnels up to 3m long with different entries and chambers. The best way to duplicate this natural habitat and keep them content is to house them in a vast tank or old aquarium with a safety wire lid and a vast amount of material for them to dig.

It would help if you avoided wire cages as they are unsuitable. It is because the betting gets out of the cage. Here, you can consider gerbilariums or tanks with cage additions because that is perfect for this type of pet. You can know more about gerbils at an online resource like Homepethelp.

Anyhow, two gerbils need a minimum ground surface of 40cm x 75cm, by a minimum of 30cm tall because gerbils are excellent jumpers. It is better to keep the tank or aquarium at a distance from draughts and direct sunlight or heat. It is because these little pets are active during the evening and occasionally during the day.

Diet of Gerbils

Most of the gerbils will do well on a significant commercial gerbil pellet-seed mix. You must pick one with a protein content of nearly twelve percent, a fat content between six to eight percent, and a seed mix formed up of grains, pellets, seeds, and dried vegetables.

In case the mix you choose happens to include sunflower seeds, you may spot your gerbil taking them out first to eat and leave the other mixed ingredients behind. Talking about sunflower seeds, they are delicious and high in fat for gerbils. You must limit the urge to add more food. Your gerbils will finally consume the remaining seeds.

Additionally, it is useful if you give a small, bite-size number of fresh vegetables daily. You can choose leaf lettuce, carrots, broccoli, and peas because they are healthy choices. You can also offer your pet gerbil small bites of fruit every other day. Suitable fruits include pineapple, mango, kiwi, apple, and banana. Also, do not give your pet onions, cabbage, uncooked beans, chocolate, candy, or any junk food.

Similarly, ensure that there is clean, fresh water at all times. Use an upturned bottle with a drinking tube that you can attach to the cage. You should change the water regularly.

To sum up, you can know more about gerbils at sites like Homepethelp and ensure you keep your pet gerbil in the best health and condition.