Four Perfect Family Pets Anyone Can Have

If you’ve never had a pet before, you might not understand the absolute joy they can bring to your life. It can be hard to know how caring for an animal can bring us so much unbridled joy, but once you experience it, you’ll never go back. Having a pet in the house can make your darkest days just a little brighter and can give you a little more love in your life. Many imagine having a pet can be too much work, but it doesn’t feel like much once you get into it.

It can be just like caring for a family member and being there when they need you the most. Of course, it’s a two-way street, and you can find that your pets can inherently sense when you’re upset and give you extra love. However, different pets have different needs, and you must pick one that you can care for appropriately. It would not be wrong to say that there is a pet out there for everyone. Below, we’ve listed the best family pets that easy and safe to adopt.

1. American Mastiff

The American mastiff is one of the most popular dog breeds, and for a good reason. We generally know dogs to be loving, loyal, courageous, and dedicated to their owners. However, American mastiffs take this one step further in their immense dedication to their families. Mastiffs aren’t guarding dogs, hunters, or show dogs. They are inherently family dogs.

American Mastiffs are gentle giants, and with proper socialization, they can adapt well even with the youngest of children. Unlike guard dogs, they can be limitless to a certain extent to protect their families.

Furthermore, selective breeding has helped create this breed to eliminate much of the problems that came with mastiffs. For starters, American mastiffs can stay in smaller spaces like apartments without needing too much stimulation. However, they are simultaneously very playful and can enjoy spending time with kids. They also don’t drool like regular mastiffs, making them much easier to keep in the apartment. When getting your American mastiff, be sure to adopt from an American Mastiff Breeder, so you can make sure you have the actual breed.

2. Guinea pigs and hamsters

If you want a low maintenance, adorable, and fun pet to keep, there can be nothing better than guinea pigs or hamsters. These are also trendy family pets, and parents often get them for younger children to get them used to care for animals. Hamsters are smaller than guinea pigs, but both are incredibly playful, loving, and sweet animals to have. They can teach younger children a lot about responsibility and can be loving companions.

Suppose you spend much of the day outdoors. In that case, hamsters or guinea pigs are the perfect pet because they can keep themselves stimulated well enough. A hamster wheel can keep your rodents occupied for hours, and they can run up to 9km in one night alone. However, just because they’re small doesn’t mean they don’t need any attention at all. You need to take adequate care of your rodents to ensure they can lead happy lives.

3. Pugs

Pugs are some of the cutest dogs around and perfect additions to any family. They are some of the most cheerful, derpy dogs and can light up any room. They are the perfect little companions and are rarely aggressive. They love being lapdogs and don’t need much exercise to stay stimulated either. If you have a multi-pet household, pugs can be the perfect addition as they can learn to adjust to several animals.

Pugs also don’t require much maintenance, as they usually have short coats and don’t shed much hair. They are also intelligent, and you can easily teach them to avoid a mess. Furthermore, they can learn several tricks too and can understand commands well. Their large, expressive eyes are one of their stand-out features, and everyone in the family will quickly fall in love with them.

4. Cats

We could write a whole separate article on the joys of being a cat owner. Cats have a calming presence in the home and can quietly give you support and love. Many see cats are incredibly independent and aloof animals, but that isn’t the complete picture. The truth is that cats need affection and can be incredibly caring animals if well socialized. You don’t need to take your feline on a walk each day. Instead, they can be content with a little playtime in the house. Most cats require low maintenance and spend much of their time asleep.

Cats offer a calming presence and can be patient and loving with children of all ages. A surprising benefit of being a cat owner is that they can lower your heart attack risk by 30%. You can spend many happy years with your feline friends and enjoy their warm, comforting presence.


Pets give unconditional love and support that is unparalleled. In some ways, the love they give us is purer than even the one we get from our family. It has no strings attached and no expectations, and they always love us fully. These four pets will make excellent additions to any home and mingle well with children and adults alike.