Decoding The Need For Third Party Lab Testing For Pet CBD Products

December 11, 2018. This date is celebrated as one of the biggest successes when it comes to CBD or related products. And why not? The Senate passed the Farm Bill 2018 after much intervention. However, with that, one could find hemp or CBD companies popping up everywhere. 

Plus, various companies are misleading customers by selling them low-grade products with several marketing options at their disposal. Plus, with no federal regulation, the need for self-regulation is becoming the need of the hour. 

That’s where third-party testing came into play. And if you think you need to verify the quality of the product meant only for humans, you’re highly mistaken. You need to get the certificate of analysis for the products meant for your beloved pets. 

Yes, you heard it right! It’s like a way to keep the industry honest or transparent. 

Now the question is:

Why Should You Care?

Like any other food product, there must be a chart that provides data of the components present in the product. For instance, if you go by the experts providing nuleaf naturals lab results when buying CBD pet products, you must ensure the amount mentioned is actually present. To confirm the claim, third-party testing results come in pretty handy. 

Similarly, if you are opting for full-spectrum or broad-spectrum products. In that case, you must have an idea of the components present in the product to confirm if they are as per the regulations set by the federal authorities. 

Anything beyond what’s necessary might hamper your pet’s health badly. Of course, you would never want that, especially when you are using the product to make life easier. 

Isn’t it? 

Now let’s talk about the circumstances when your pet might require CBD products.

It is no more a surprise that CBD offers a myriad of benefits to humans and animals. However, when it comes to your beloved pets, be it cats, dogs, horses, or others, this product helps manage seizures, pain, anxiety, arthritis, stomach-related issues, etc. 

You can also consult your pet’s veterinarian to know about the benefits of a product. They will help you find the right product as per your pet’s needs and health for better results. 

Additionally, it speeds up the healing process in pets if they are recovering from any illness. All in all, it’s pretty beneficial for your pets. Precisely why, when buying CBD products online, you must always ensure to ask for COA or testing results. 

Wrapping up

With the rise in popularity of CBD and hemp products, it is highly likely that many will try to enter this market. However, not everyone thinks about the comfort of the customer. Instead, they think of it as a money-making machine. 

Therefore, you must always be cautious when buying CBD products online. And since we already mentioned the “why,” ensure that you follow the tip and secure the health and safety of your pet in the best possible way. 

Isn’t that what you hope for when buying such products? Share your thoughts with us.