Check Out These Iconic Pets From the World of Gaming

The world of gaming has become an increasingly popular form of entertainment, with millions of players immersing themselves in virtual worlds and adventures. While gaming has traditionally been associated with action, adventure, and strategy, there is a growing trend of incorporating pets into games. 

Whether they serve as loyal companions, fierce battle partners, or lovable sidekicks, pets have become an integral part of the gaming experience for many players. This phenomenon, known as “pets in gaming,” has captured the hearts of both casual and hardcore gamers alike. From the classic Tamagotchi to the latest virtual reality games, the presence of pets in gaming has evolved and expanded, creating a whole new world of possibilities for players.

pixel art cats


Felyne – Monster Hunter

Felynes are a species of bipedal, cat-like creatures that inhabit the world of Monster Hunter. They are known for their intelligence, resourcefulness, and their ability to communicate with hunters through a series of meows and gestures. Felynes are often seen in the company of hunters, serving as companions, helpers, and even cooks. They are skilled at gathering resources, crafting items, and providing support during hunts. 

Their small size and agility make them excellent climbers, allowing them to reach high places and move quickly through rough terrain. Despite their cute and cuddly appearance, Felynes are fierce fighters when provoked, and can hold their own against many of the monsters that inhabit the world of Monster Hunter.

Trico – The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian – The Trico is a highly anticipated video game that follows the journey of a young boy and his bond with a mysterious creature known as Trico. Developed by the acclaimed studio, Team Ico, the game offers a unique and immersive experience for players. Trico, with its majestic appearance and intelligent behavior, serves as both a companion and a puzzle-solving tool in the game. 

The dynamic relationship between the boy and Trico, as well as the stunning visuals and emotional storytelling, make The Last Guardian – The Trico a must-play for fans of adventure and fantasy games.

Pikachu – Pokemon

Pikachu, the iconic electric mouse Pokemon, has captured the hearts of fans worldwide since its introduction in 1996. Known for its cute and energetic appearance, Pikachu has become a symbol of the Pokemon franchise and a beloved character in popular culture. 

As a species, Pikachu are highly intelligent and possess the ability to generate electricity through their red cheeks. They are also fiercely loyal to their trainers and have a strong sense of justice. With its endearing personality and powerful electric abilities, Pikachu has become a fan favorite in both the Pokemon games and animated series.

Epona – Legend of Zelda

Epona, also known as the “Goddess of Horses,” is a recurring character in the popular video game franchise, The Legend of Zelda. This majestic horse plays a significant role in the series, often serving as the trusty companion of the protagonist, Link. Epona is known for her courage, speed, and unwavering loyalty, making her a beloved character among fans. 

In the game, players must tame and bond with Epona in order to traverse the vast landscapes of Hyrule and complete various quests. With her striking appearance and endearing personality, Epona has become an iconic and integral part of The Legend of Zelda universe, solidifying her place as a fan-favorite character.

Roach – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Like Epona, Roach is a beloved character in the critically acclaimed video game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. She is a loyal and trusty steed who serves as the primary mode of transportation for the game’s protagonist, Geralt of Rivia. As the player explores the vast open world of the game, Roach can be summoned at any time to aid in navigation and travel. 

Despite her seemingly ordinary appearance, Roach is a highly skilled and resilient horse, capable of traversing through rough terrains and even participating in combat alongside Geralt.

Daffodil – Spiritfarer

Daffodil is a mysterious and endearing character in the video game Spiritfarer. As a companion to the protagonist, Stella, Daffodil is a shapeshifting cat that possesses supernatural abilities. Despite not being able to speak, Daffodil communicates through gestures, making them a beloved and integral part of the gameplay experience. With a playful and mischievous nature, Daffodil adds a sense of whimsy and lightheartedness to the emotional journey of Spiritfarer.

Dogmeat – Fallout

Dogmeat is a beloved and iconic character within the Fallout video game series. He is a canine companion who has appeared in every major installment of the franchise. The character of Dogmeat is based on a real-life dog, named River, who belonged to one of the developers of the original Fallout game. 

In-game, Dogmeat is a loyal sidekick to the player character, providing assistance in combat and helping to scavenge for supplies. He is known for his fierce loyalty and unwavering bravery, making him a fan favorite among players. Despite being a non-playable character, Dogmeat has a strong presence and has become an integral part of the Fallout universe.

Urz – Mass Effect 2

Urz is a non-playable character (NPC) in the popular video game, Mass Effect 2. He is a vorcha, a genetically-engineered species known for their exceptional regenerative abilities and aggressive nature. Urz can be found on the planet Tuchanka, where he serves as the pet of the krogan mercenary, Urdnot Wrex. 

Despite his small stature, Urz is a fierce and loyal companion to Wrex, often accompanying him on dangerous missions. He also serves as a symbol of the krogan’s bond with the vorcha, a species they have taken under their protection. 

While not a major character in the game, Urz’s presence adds depth to the world of Mass Effect and showcases the complexities of interspecies relationships.

Daisy – Doom

Daisy is a highly recognizable character in the popular video game franchise, Doom. She first appeared in the original Doom game released in 1993 as a non-playable character who served as the protagonist’s pet rabbit. However, in the 2016 reboot of the game, Daisy’s role was expanded and she became a pivotal part of the storyline. She is a demon-possessed rabbit who was once the beloved pet of the Doom Slayer, but was brutally killed by the forces of hell. 

Daisy’s presence in the game adds an emotional depth to the intense and fast-paced gameplay, making her a beloved and iconic figure in the Doom universe.

The Stowaway Bogling – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The Stowaway Bogling is a mysterious and elusive character in the popular video game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Little is known about this creature, other than the fact that it is a small, mischievous alien species that is often found hiding in various nooks and crannies of the game’s world. 

Despite its diminutive size, The Stowaway Bogling has proven to be a formidable opponent, using its quick reflexes and sharp claws to defend itself against any threats. Some players have even reported encountering the Bogling as a friendly companion, aiding them on their journey through the game.


Pets have become an integral part of the gaming world, providing companionship, entertainment, and even strategic advantages in various games. With the increasing popularity of virtual pets and pet-themed games, it’s clear that our love for animals extends beyond the real world and into our digital lives. 

As technology advances and gaming evolves, we can only imagine the potential for even more interactive and immersive pet experiences in the future.