Cat Litter Box Adjustable Height for Easy Cleaning

A cat litter box adjustable height for easy cleaning is something every cat owner will want to have. While cats are fun and all, the unavoidable chore of cleaning their litter box can be unpleasant. Reasons? Well, for a start, the smell isn’t friendly. Also, the box can harbor parasites and bacteria, and that means the possibility of skin infections, to say the least.

So, if there’s one thing any cat owner wants, it’s to be able to finish cleaning the litter box as quickly as possible. That’s where an adjustable height setup becomes an advantage. You can raise and lower at different heights, allowing you to comfortably reach and clean the box. Note that you won’t adjust the position manually. Instead, an automated mechanism driven by a linear actuator pushes the box up and down. Let’s dive deeper into how this work,

How Adjustable-Height Cat Litter Box Works With a Linear Actuator

Linear actuators are simply motion devices that move in a straight line. That is, they can go up and down or left and right. For the cat litter box with adjustable height for easy cleaning, the movement is up and down, as already stated. The video on this page shows how it works and other areas where you can leverage linear actuators at home.

You should first learn the components to understand how the linear actuator drives the cat litter box. Here we’re using lead-screw electric linear actuators. Other types are available — like belt-drive and rock-and-pinion actuators — but a screw-driven one will work perfectly for this application. That’s because their precision is pinpoint, and they’re low-cost.

How the linear actuator lifts the cat litter box

Typically, the linear actuator will feature an electric motor, gearbox, lead screw, and nut. The electric motor provides power to activate the gearbox, which then rotates the lead screw. As the lead screw turns, creating rotational motion, it pushes the nut along its length, creating linear motion. Suppose it’s a horizontal application (left to right); then, the nut will pull the nut instead.

Now, you only need to attach the nut to the cat litter box. So, the linear actuator stays below while the box moves along the lead screw with the nut. Linear actuators require a simple activation. Usually, it’s either you connect them to a switch or, if it comes with a receiver, you use a remote control. We prefer the latter as it’s more convenient to work with.

During setup, ensure you place the cat litter box in a perfect location. There should be a power source around the location for the electric motor. However, ensure you don’t install the linear actuator close to any heat or water sources that can foster wear and tear.

What type of linear actuator do you need?

Yes, you’ll be using an electric linear actuator. But which device should you go for in terms of specifications like size, stroke length, force, voltage, and others? Generally, you won’t require heavy-duty devices since cat litter boxes are not heavy. As a result, the best option bends towards the stroke length, which represents the distance the linear actuator can travel.

There are options ranging from 1 to 60 inches in stroke length, which will be more than enough for your adjustable cat litter box. At the same time, consider devices with a high weight capacity. You can still utilize our online linear actuator calculator to narrow down your options. The tool will identify a specific motion device to purchase.

Why Use an Adjustable Height Cat Litter Box

As already stated, the adjustable-height cat litter box’s primary purpose is to facilitate cleaning. That’s because, first, you don’t need to bend down to clean after your pet. With a traditional litter box at ground level, the reverse is the case.

It’s not arguable that bending and scooping every time can result in lower back pain, among other unfriendly physical conditions. As a result, an adjustable-height cat litter box makes the cleaning task less physically tiring. You can position the box at any level you find comfortable. Consequently, it’ll take you less time.

Another notable benefit is that anyone can do the cleaning. This also stems from the fact that you can set the litter box at any height. For example, most tall people will find it challenging to clean a litter box. That trouble goes away if they can fix the height at different levels.

Hacks for Easier Litter Box Cleaning

An adjustable-height cat litter box makes cleaning easy. However, there are still ways you can make it easier. We outline these hacks below.

  • Use litter box bags or liners. With these, you just need to tie the bag’s ends to clean and dispose. However, not all cats may accommodate them, so you have to know your pet’s preferences before purchasing.
  • Use clumping litter. Clumping litter forms lumps from your cat’s urine, which you can easily scoop. Besides making cleaning mode seamless, it also minimized odor.
  • Use sifting litter boxes. Here you get an option that separates waste from clean litter. It’s easy to see how such facilitates cleaning.
  • Scoop daily. It may sound like hard work, but scooping every day makes the job less difficult. You’ll have smaller waste to deal with than if you wait for them to accumulate.
  • Use disposable gloves. With disposable gloves, you can clean faster since there’s no bother of the waste touching your hands. Hence, this hack also helps in terms of hygiene.


Need a cat litter box that’s easy to clean? It doesn’t get easier than using an adjustable-height cat litter box. The box slides up and down, meaning you can place it in the best position that offers easy cleaning access. Not you alone benefit from such a setup. Your cat also benefits since you can set the box at the height they find most comfortable using. If you have multiple cats with different litter position preferences, then an adjustable setup helps you save money.