Best Electric Vibrating Cat Shock Collar for Training Cats

Cats look amazing and lots of people enjoy keeping them around as pets. Regardless of how great they look, there are times they misbehave. They go through mood swings and sometimes make attempts at going into parts of the home where they should not be. These actions can make it difficult for cat owners to properly manage these cats.

When their cats begin misbehaving, lots of people with cats seek help from professionals as they look to tame their pets and understand them better. Now, lots of people might not expect cats to misbehave because of how cute they look. Regardless of this, cats have the tendency to act like they are in the wild because this is where they truly came from.

There are lots of ways to train cats and keep them from misbehaving. Some of these methods are more popular than others. One famous method for training cats and getting them to behave properly is through the use of shock collars.

Before going on to know how to buy the right cat shock collar, you should know exactly what a shock collar is.

What is an Electric Shock Collar?

Shock collars have been in existence for a while now and since they came into existence, they have been linked with some level of controversy. They are very dangerous and do not always produce the effect one desires when used. That’s not all. A lot of people consider the use of shock collars a form of animal cruelty.

Shock collars release electric currents are of three types. They are;

  • Barking collars that get activated when a cat vocalizes loudly
  • Motion sensitive collars that help in restricting movement
  • Training collars that come with remote control and can be used by cat owners

Motion sensitive collars that help in restricting movement

This shock collar is of two types. They are sound-sensitive and motion-sensitive. These two versions are absolutely automatic. You, therefore, will not need to do anything to get them to function.

If you are looking to stop your cat from going into a part of the house, a motion-sensitive collar should be chosen over a shock-sensitive collar. This type of collar works more like an invisible fence.

Collars that are sound-sensitive, however, are great when dealing with cats that enjoy making a lot of noise.

Training collars that come with remote control and can be used by cat owners

This type of color delivers a shock, makes a loud noise, or vibrates whenever the pet owner activates the feature they want to see. It is sometimes called pet cliekcers and is a means by which the owner of the cat can keep their eyes on the actions of the cat.

How effective are Shock Collars on Cats

Lots of people are not comfortable with the use of shock collars in training cats. Nonetheless, certain pet owners resort to using them when they are dealing with very troublesome cats. Since people make use of these collars, how efficient are they?

The efficiency of a shock collar is dependent on certain factors. These factors are the type of collar, the cat, and the person using the collar.

When you are looking to stop a cat from getting into a certain part of the house, collars that are motion activated come in very handy. The only reason these collars work is that they make your cat scared, make it stressed, and also cause pain. Additionally, your cat will be unaware you are the one responsible for all they have to deal with.

Now it might seem like this collar really fulfills its aim. However, when you cause your cat’s emotional and physical pain, you will be carrying out an act of animal cruelty. Beyond this act of animal cruelty, the stress your cat goes through could make it easily affected by feline herpes, as well as other problems that are health-related.

How to Get the Best from the Use of Shock Collars

Lots of people use shock collars because they are considered effective. While certain people get the results they need by using shock collars, these collars are only effective when they are used in the right way.

Although there are certain features associated with shock collars that are inhumane, there are certain collars that possess features that are completely humane. Some of these features are sound and vibration.

Since some collars come with the sound and vibration feature, you might not need to use the shock setting that they come with. You can replace this shock setting with a loud beeping sound or a little vibration

You do not have to do much to temporarily deactivate the shock setting on your cat collar and replace it with a sound and vibration setting. All you have to do is press a button.

You will not need to deal with any of the negativity associated with using cat shock collars if you decide to make use of sound and vibration.

Getting the Right Shock Collar for Cats

Now that you know what is involved in the use of shock collars for cats, the next thing you should know is how to get the right shock collar for cats.

Below are some of the best shock collars you can use in ensuring your cat behaves right without you being inhumane.

PetSafe’s Pawz Away (Proximity Barrier)

This Shock collar has indoor, as well as outdoor restrictions that get activated because of the presence of motion sensors. Each time your cat gets close to an area it should not be found in, these collars create a beeping sound. As soon as this beeping sound is over, an electric shock is next. This shock usually lasts 3 to 15 seconds.

Usually, the cat is expected to leave the area after it receives a dose of shock. However, if it is stubborn and chooses to remain, the device stops the electric transmission automatically. It does this to ensure the cat stays safe.

Puss and Pooch Training Collar

This shock collar was designed with small dogs in mind. Nonetheless, it can be used by cats. Since it was built to be used by animals that are not too big, it is ideal for cats.