Are You Planning to get a Beagle? Here’s What You Should Know

Has a beagle puppy just captured your heart with its innocent eyes?

Well, it can be a tad difficult for you to train beagles and make them listen, as in the case of other hound breeds. However, if you manage to do that, they can be adorable companions, who’ll never give you the scope to get bored. They’re always pulsating with energy, and their funny ways are sure to melt your heart. They’re also incredibly intelligent, and given the proper training, you can get them to do all the fetching, chasing and hunting quite nicely.

Coming to obedience, you’ve to invest more time to train a beagle to listen and follow than in the case of other breeds, as they’re generally independent, energetic, power-packed little creatures, who don’t know how to slow down. Before you learn some tricks to train a beagle puppy, you should know its weaknesses, as jotted below:

Beagles love to dig

Beagles are hunting breeds, who were meant to fetch the kill by their masters in the old times. They just love to dig anything that piques their interest, like loose earth, carpets, and flower beds and so on. If you don’t want your beagle to throw tantrums, you should let it dig to its heart’s content. By that, it also means that you should have a definite place for it to dig so that it stays away from household materials.

Beagles have loud barks

If you love silence and tranquility, get ready to say goodbye to your peace as soon as your beagle pup steps inside your house. They howl, wail and bark at every possible chance and quite loudly too, thus bringing out the truth of its name, ‘Beagle’, which means ‘loudmouth’, in French. Hence, if you have complaining neighbors, think twice before bringing a beagle into your household. However, you can train it with the ‘speak’ and ‘quiet’ commands to keep the situation from spinning out of control.

Beagles have separation anxiety

Do you work for long hours outside? Well, if the answer is ‘yes’, you should have second thoughts about getting a beagle home. When left alone for long, they tend to suffer from separation anxiety and may tear your house down. How to stop that? Well, you can get rid of its excess energy by taking it for a walk before you leave it alone in the house.

Beagles have no control over their noses

Beagles have this inherent chasing instinct that makes them vulnerable to accidents, especially if they get out. It is very important to have a fence around your house so that your beagle doesn’t get out every time it smells a rabbit or even a crow. You should also keep it on a leash, when out on walks.

Hence, you can see that training a beagle is no cakewalk. However, if you’re dying to let yourself be bowled by those cute little eyes and white-tipped tail, you can get in touch with and let them know your requirements. Before you do that, it is important to learn the tricks to make your pooch more attentive and obedient. Have faith, as it is entirely possible. The following tips will tell you how.

5 Steps to Successfully Train a Beagle to be Obedient

1. Be patient– The reason many beagle parents find it harder to train their pooches to be obedient is, they are not patient enough with them. Training a beagle takes more time than training other family dogs, and you’ve to accept that.

2. Be the leader – Every pooch needs a pack leader to direct its actions, and beagles are not an exception to that rule. Use positive enforcement training to win their attention. You have to be the leader that your beagle listens to and not the other way round.

3. Train consistently – In the first few months, you’ve to invest more time in training your beagle pup than later. You may have to spend the entire day, teaching basic commands. Don’t rush things, as a beagle is well-known for being inattentive at times. 

4. Treats and rewards – Beagles respond more to positive enforcement than punishments of any kind. Whenever your pooch successfully learns a new command, make sure you reward it with treats, so that it remembers the same for a long time.

5. Read facial expressions – If you wish to control your beagle’s barking, which of course you do, you’ve to learn to read its facial expression for starters. Focus on the way its expressions change when it is about to bark and try to distract it at that particular moment.

Beagles are adorable, no doubt about that, but they are quite naughty too. You’ve to be the one in control of your dog’s temperament, or else things may get really difficult for both of you. Remember, all good things take time, so be patient. Being a beagle parent may seem difficult in the initial days, but once you’re able to handle it, you may find yourself thanking the heavens for the choice you made.

Best of luck with being a beagle parent!