Adventure Awaits! Your Ultimate Guide to Moving With a Pet

About 80 million households in the US have at least one pet.

Let’s face it! We love to spoil our pets. Our pets love the treats we sneak them under the dinner table, the snuggles we give them before bed, and all of the scratches we give them throughout the day. 

No matter what, we love having our pets by our side. If you’re moving soon, it’s important your pet comes along. It’s important to know how to properly move long-distance with your furry pal.

Below is a quick guide on moving with a pet. Make sure to keep reading and pack lots of treats for the road!

Schedule a Goodbye Vet Visit

Whether you’re moving with a dog, cat, or any other animal, stop by the vet for the last visit. There are a few things to wrap up.

First, make sure your pet doesn’t need any updated vaccinations. This is especially important if you’re moving in with any other animals. 

You’ll also want to ask for copies of their records and prescriptions. Speaking of prescriptions, go ahead and fill up before the move. 

If you have any concerns about your pet’s anxiety or motion sickness during the move, talk with your vet. They’ll be able to give you tips and medicine to help.

Pack a Kit

One of the most essential parts of learning how to move with a pet is packing a kit for the road. Put anything your pet might need into this kit.

Pack their food, treats, bowls for food and water, a leash, toys, and pee pads if needed. If your put is traveling within a kennel, make sure to pack kennel cleaner for any messes. 

It also never hurts to throw some extra trash bags, blankets, and towels into the kit. Be prepared for anything and everything. 

Take It Step By Step

The most important thing to keep in mind when moving with a pet is to go slow. This doesn’t mean you have to drive slow. It just means not to expose your pet to too much change at once. 

A few days before the move, set out the kennel or carrier they’ll be traveling in. Let them get used to seeing it. 

Once you arrive at your new home, set up a safe and quiet spot for them to relax. Place some toys, comfort blankets, and their food into a spare bedroom while you unpack. 

Keeping them away from too much movement and noise in a new place will give them time to settle in at their own pace. 

New Beginnings: Moving With a Pet

Moving to a new home is exciting, especially if you’re moving with a pet. Traveling with your furry friend might be tricky, but we’ve provided the above guide for some help.

Schedule one last vet visit before you take off to get their records and medicine. Pack a kit with everything they need, and give them their own time to settle into the new home. 

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