About the newborn puppy feeding guide 2022

1. Newborn puppies how to know the world

Fearlessly try and experience

Newborn puppies remember various things in the world by looking, touching and smelling. In this process, the dog’s mother and owner protect it.

Interested in new things

For anything around them, no matter what it is, puppies will always bite it, poke it, or let it roll twice …… For puppies, everything around them is like a toy.

The reason puppies treat everything as a toy is because they want to know what it is. The puppy’s ears are still deaf, and eyes are blind, but 2-3 weeks after birth, all five of the puppy’s senses are fully developed. In this way, the puppy must figure out what he sees, hears and smells all the things around him so that he can gradually get to know and understand the world he lives in.

“The firstborn is not afraid of the tiger.”

Because everything they see and hear is so new, puppies do not yet know the dangers. The puppy will bravely attack it, only to be repeatedly hit with pain or embarrassment even if it is dangerous. Putting his face up to the stove and getting burned with a scream, or reaching out to grab a crab and getting his nose caught in a crab’s cheek ……

This is the same for people and dogs. In puppyhood, no matter who the other party is, the dog will be pampered; even if the other party is a large dog that seems to be very scary, it can not care to approach and show interest.

Because the mother and owner are watching over them, the puppy can engage with everything outside without fear. Even if there is something that scares the puppy, there is nothing to worry about once it returns to its mother and owner.

2. Why are puppies so naughty?

She was doing bad things and getting the owner’s attention.

Dogs often carry the owner’s clothes and other things to get the owner’s attention and can experience the fun of exercise from being chased by the owner.

Read the owner’s mood.

Sometimes, the owner finds how can not find the favourite clothes, want to watch TV also can not find the remote control …… at the end where these things go? It turns out that the dog has taken them all for fun.

Why are puppies so naughty

The dog will “steal” the owner’s important things from time to time and take them to various places. The owner wants to read the newspaper, and the dog takes it away. The dog takes what it thinks the owner needs right now and doesn’t give it back easily.

The dog seems to just look at the master’s demeanour, look, and know what he needs right now. The master just took out the rope; the dog understood that it was going for a walk, thus darting to the door and waiting for the master. If the owner picks up the bag, the dog will look like “is going out?” and other similar expressions of unease.

Dogs find it funny to be chased around.

Whether the dog steals something important from its owner or snatches something it thinks the owner needs, the dog does not have malicious intent. Because the dog wants to make, the owner pays attention to himself before taking his important things. If he takes something, the owner will yell, “Hey, get it back,” while chasing after him. Or, the owner may say something like “you’re a pain in the ass” to the dog. The dog will only be happy about this. Perhaps this can be seen as a suggestive gesture that the dog wants his owner to play with him.

The dog especially wants to get the owner’s attention, so when the owner wants to get something back and chase it or even reprimand it, the dog will feel especially happy. The owner wants to get something back as soon as possible, you can think of some magic tricks; for example, the owner can use the rope to lure the dog out for a walk and other methods, with other things to divert the dog’s attention, so you can get something back as soon as possible.

3. Puppy planning hole is trying to do

A “time-killing” exercise

When the dog is bored, it will keep digging holes to pass the time. But sometimes, dogs dig holes to catch mice.

The hole-digging game that became a sport

It can be a real pain to spend a lot of effort on a flower bed and then have the dog mess it up one day. Even if you reprimand your dog for making a mistake, he will act as if nothing has happened and will be fascinated by digging holes in the yard and getting dirt all over him.

The main reason dogs like to dig holes is because they are bored. When the dog has nothing special to do and is even bored with sleep, it will want to dig the soft, comfortable-looking soil. It will think, maybe buried in the soil what interesting things, so the dog wants to find those things, and thus very fascinated to keep digging holes.

Dogs to dig holes and keep moving legs, although the owner is a little distracted by digging holes, for the dog is a good exercise and can also eliminate tension.

Digging holes is not to kill time.

There are times when dogs do not just dig holes out of boredom but with a real purpose. Sometimes, the smell of mice and other small animals emanates from the earth, and the dog hunts them with hunting instinct, which is why it digs the hole. Also, dogs may dig tunnels to avoid the heat and dig cooler soil or to escape from tight, small yards. Terriers are particularly fond of digging holes.

Among the various dog breeds, it is the terrier that is particularly fond of digging holes. The terrier’s name comes from the Latin word for “digging.” These dogs are good at digging holes and hunting for badgers, foxes, hares and other animals that inhabit the earth or burrows.

Badgers, foxes, hares, and otters are among the small animals that inhabit the earth or burrows. The terrier’s job is to chase the fox or badger to its den and then dig the den to catch the prey.

4. What does the puppy’s “singing” express?

Expression of various moods

Dogs “sing” when they hear a characteristic melody or music, and this behaviour is completely unconscious. If it is loved and praised by its owner, it will master “singing” as a skill.

Consistent wavelength sounds are the bark of a companion

Some dogs will bark to the rhythm of music or bark at the sound of a specific melody or voice. People may think that the dog also knows music because it acts as if it is enjoying music.

It is said that the dog’s behaviour of “singing” in response to music or sound is the same as the wolf’s “chorus” of long tones. If a wolf pulls a long tone to bark, its companion will hear it and start to pull a long tone to bark as well. In the same way, dogs will chorus to music.

Among the sounds that dogs tend to respond to are the sounds of police cars and sirens. This is probably because these sounds have the same wavelength as when the dog is barking in a long tone. Probably because the wavelength of the sound of music and musical instruments that dogs respond to is also similar to the wavelength of the dog’s long bark.

Dogs are happy to perform for their masters

In addition to the elongated “chorus,” dogs may also “sing” because of their relationship with their owners. For example, the dog itself enjoys the skill of “singing along with the music.” Some dogs have barked to a beat or rhythm that their owners found interesting and praised them, and they learned to “sing.” The owner’s joyful atmosphere is also a joy to the dog.

Sometimes the family is watching a television program together with great interest, and when the theme song comes on, the dog can’t help but “sing.” In this case, the dog may be excited by the joy of having the family gathered in the living room, or he may be “singing” in order to keep everyone from paying more attention to himself than to the TV.

6. Why do puppies like to chew things

The feeling of biting is too interesting

Dogs like to bite things, in the process of biting, through the feeling of biting or smell, to know and understand new things.

Both learning and relieving boredom

4-6 months after the dog is born, the period of tooth replacement. Puppies always want to chew on things around them when their teeth change from milk teeth to permanent teeth during this period. Chewing on things can make the already wobbly milk teeth fall out faster; however it is not only that, but it is also a learning process for the puppy to understand the world around him. Dogs can’t identify something with their own hands as people can, and they try to bite at something new and remember it one by one by the feel of the bite or the smell of it.

Dogs do not only want to bite things in puppyhood. Even as adults, there are still many dogs who want to bite things. Dogs especially want to bite when their owners are not around, and they are upset, or when they are bored, or when they are overly energetic. As soon as the dog bites something, it will become happy, and the feeling of uneasiness will disappear without a trace.

Very fond of shoes that smell like the owner

Although we think it stinks, dogs are especially fascinated by shoes and socks. These things are covered with the owner’s scent. So, when the dog is watching the house, it will unconsciously want to bite the owner’s shoes because it misses the owner. Moreover, most of the shoes are placed more randomly; the dog is also easier to get.

What people think is hard to eat dogs also think hard to eat

Even dogs that like to bite things very much will not bite things that smell or taste very nasty. You can apply chilli pepper or bitter gourd to table legs or piano legs and other places that dogs hate and use it as a supervisory product to correct their chewing habits.

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