A selection of the very best games for animal lovers

In the same way that sports fans play games that are based on their favorite pastimes, animal lovers typically enjoy games that are focused on the creatures they know and love. From horses and dogs, to cats and lizards, there is also an extensive selection of animal-themed games to get though on a variety of different gaming platforms.

The games in this area are fairly diverse, too. For example, some titles might task gamers with looking after a selection of animals on a farm, while other releases feature cowboys riding their beloved horses as they take down rivals in their path. It’s a detailed area of gaming, but there are certainly some animal-themed titles that have shone in recent times. Let’s take a look at some of the best options below.

Nintendogs is hard to fault

Given the world’s love of dogs, it probably comes as no surprise to learn that there are plenty of viable dog-themed games to tackle right now. The standout release in this area has to be Nintendogs, with players having to adopt and then name a pedigree chum before bringing it home to be looked after and live with them. Offering a series of fun adventures to smash through and providing gamers with the chance to train and walk their doggy in the virtual world, this impressively realistic game is perfect for people with a passion for pooches.

Megaquarium is popular with fish fans

Do you own fish or simply enjoy visiting aquariums when you get the chance? If so, then PC title Megaquarium could be for you. A favorite among fans of fish, the game essentially involves running and improving your very own aquarium. There are constant improvements to make with gamers being in charge of designing their space, you’ll have to look after guests, staff, and fish, while there is always something to smash through in this highly pleasurable fishy masterpiece.

Experiencing Fly Cats is recommended

One for any cat lovers among us, more and more feline fans are experiencing Fly Cats at the moment. Featured in the back alleys of New York City, gamers have an abundance of kitties to get to know in this one, with their love of hip-hop immediately standing out in this charming release. Filled with street art and offering a brightly colored and vibrant design, Fly Cats is a fantastic game to session for a while.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one for horse lovers

A game that has managed to pull in many equestrian fans in recent times, Red Dead Redemption 2 is the aforementioned cowboy game that features horses throughout. A survival release that is full of various challenges, this detailed product does a remarkable job of creating realistic horses, with your lead character being heavily reliant on his mare chums. Alongside the cowboy-themed adventures that are on offer in this one, players have to care for their horses, gain their trust, unlock various new abilities, tame wild horses, and a whole lot more.

Pokemon Go is worth playing

First and foremost, we’re fully aware that Pokemon Go doesn’t feature real-life animals, but it does include Pokémon that can be caught and evolved that resemble certain creatures from the animal kingdom. For example, Growlithe has the characteristics of a dog, while Dewgong has clearly been inspired by seals. Even Pokemon like Drowzee look like tapirs, while Mankey certainly has a number of features that make it seem like a furry primate like a barbary macaque. All these Pokemon and more can be found while exploring an outdoor environment, thanks to the game’s amazing augmented reality aspect.