5 Fun Exercise Ideas to Do With Your Dog

If you’re going to stay in shape, you might as well do it with man’s best friend. Check out these fun exercise ideas to do with your dog.

Around 55% of dogs are overweight in the U.S.

Exercise is crucial for your pup to maintain a healthy weight, strong bones, and pump out toxins. Daily walks are a great form of exercise but it’s good to shake-it-up so it’s fun for you and your furry friend.

Need fun exercise ideas? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our five favorites.

1. Go For a Dip

Looking for fun ways to exercise?

Head to your local pond or lake and let your doggy paddle. Swimming soothes dog’s joints as it’s low impact and lets your pup cool down while exercising.

If your pup struggles with swimming, you can use a safety vest designed for dogs so they stay afloat. 

2. Play Frisbee

Active dogs love playing a game of Frisbee. It’s a fantastic cardio workout while improving your hand-eye coordination.

Before you workout with your dog, make sure their breed isn’t prone to hip dysplasia so get your pup checked out.

Your canine must have also learned the basic obedience commands so your pet returns the disc and doesn’t dash off with it.

3. The Doggy Wall Sit 

There are two versions of these puppy exercises. Including:

For Small Dogs

Position your back against the wall and lower yourself so your knees make a 90-degree angle. Then hold your furry friend for extra weight.

For Large Dogs

Get into the same position but have your dog sit opposite you and place their paws on your legs to make the exercise tougher.

4. Tug-of-War

Don’t know how to get your dog working out?

Tug-of-war is a brilliant way for your pup to release energy even on rainy days. Tug-of-war is also collaborative so it strengthens the bond between a dog and its owner.

You can also use a game of tug-of-war to coax shy pups out of their shells as it builds their confidence and helps them trust people. 

5. Build an Obstacle Course

Get the family involved and create an obstacle course in your living room or yard.

Make jumps out of broomsticks, create a tunnel by slinging blankets over chairs, and encourage Fido to jump through hula hoops.

You should teach your pup how to perform each obstacle individually first by using lure and reward training. Dangle a treat in front of your pet’s nose and guide them through or over an obstacle several times.

Eventually, encourage the pup to follow you treat-less, by using the same hand motion, and reward them with a treat out of your other hand. 

These Are Fun Exercise Ideas for Dogs

There are many fun exercise ideas for dogs regardless of their size. Instead of daily walkies, construct an obstacle course in your yard, play tug-of-war, and go for a dip in your local lake.

It’s important to run these exercises through with your vet to ensure they will benefit your pup. Have fun!

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