Human Foods Dogs Can (and Can’t) Eat

Human Foods Dogs Can (and Can't) Eat

Most of us dog owners love our furry friends too much that we tend to share our things with them, including the food that we eat. See those puppy dog eyes that silently scream “feed me!” every time you take a bite of your food? You can’t help but give in to that pitiful-looking, tongue-wagging, adorable stare your doggie throws at you while you’re eating, and you end up sharing a morsel or two with your pooch.

But lo and behold… you think that it’s okay to give your dog with every table scrap. While sharing our food with dogs is one gesture of how much we love them, it doesn’t necessarily mean that every food that is okay for us humans is also fine for our furry friends to eat.

Some of the foods that are absolutely safe for us humans to eat can have severely adverse effects on our pet dogs. Certain foods (like some fruits, vegetables, nuts and nut products and other processed foods) are even fatal to dogs.

On the other hand, there are other foods that are absolutely okay for dogs to eat. In fact, certain human-safe foods are an excellent alternative to the processed doggie treats as they are naturally rich in nutrients and fiber, but are also less in calories and fats. Some foods do require a certain preparation though, in order to make them much safer for our pet dogs to eat.