10 Tips to Take Care of Your Cat

Do you want to have pets or want to have? Or if you have pets, then this articles is going to help you a lot. The most liked pet in the world is a cat. Cats are innocent, nice and cute to some extent. Human beings can relate to them because of their sensible and sober acts. Cats have playful personalities and the thing most important is that they get attached to people faster than other pets. And later it becomes hard for them to leave their owners. Human beings like to get attention, and cats give that the most. Besides these all good qualities, there is a bigger and somehow noticeable quality in cats that they need maintenance and care, they can’t take care of themselves. You have to manage it somehow. This article covers ten best ways which will be helpful for you to keep them happier, cleaner and healthier.

Getting a Cat

The decision of buying cat

The first step is of decision; you have to decide what kind of cat you need. And the most important thing is what kind of cat you can you can handle. Kittens are adorable, innocent and loving but you would need extra time for them. They are just like a kid, needs full attention and care. So, just figure out either you have that much time or not. Because grown-up cats don’t need that much attention, they can eat, sleep themselves. An adult cat is calm, humble and mature.

Medication of cats

Newly born cats would get their proper medication and vaccination in front of you, but if you are buying a cat at middle age or a grown-up cat. Then you just need to pay attention to her medication and consider consulting a doctor. You should also get the history of its medication and previous diseases. Some cats need breathing practices and some have genetic histories of disorders or habits.

The commitment of time with a pet

Selecting a cat as your pet requires a big commitment of time and long-term relationships. Reportedly, cats have bigger lifespan than other pets. So, having a cat as a pet is a big commitment. Cats are not like dogs, they don’t need daily walks and patting but they require attention, love, and need of play. So be careful before making a decision of buying a cat.

Once paid, will save you for a long time

It’s not fun to have a cat as your pet, it not only requires time but also as well. And not even a simple amount of money, it can even go to a thousand dollars or more. But don’t get afraid that you are always going to spend money and will be keep spending onwards. In the beginning, it requires money for medication and buying toys. The basic equipment is once bought then goes for a long time, may even go for a lifetime. Then the amount of money you need to spend on cats will be decreasing by time. But once it’s like a bigger investment.

From who you should buy a cat?

Some People think that buying pets from people who own them is better. But it is not. It is highly forbidden by vets. The best place to buy a pet is from a pet or animal shelter. The pets there are completely vaccine and have completed their medicine courses. They have got the special training for living within families. If you want to be a responsible and wise pet owner then you must follow the given instructions.

House training your Cat

Encourage the cat to use the litter box

Try to encourage your cat to use a litter box. This will keep you and your house clean as well. Most of the cats like their litter box to be in other places of the house because of its texture. The litter box should be placed at a quiet and calm place, where the cat may not get disturbed by other noises or animals. You should scoop out the litter box daily and try to clean it at least once in a weak. You should be providing more than one litter boxes for one cat at a time. If you have two cats then must place three litter boxes at your home.

Placement of litter box

The litter box should be placed at a comfortable place and try to make it as quiet as possible. Don’t ever try to startle or terrify while using the litter box. The litter box is a kind of thing that is bought once throughout the time.  So try to buy something with quality even if you have to spend some extra money over it. And there is also a thing that cats don’t like changes, so once bought litter box can be used for longer times. Don’t use any kind of odor spray or something like this that irritate or might deter the cat from the litter box.

Needs of cat may verify according to their age

You need to keep in mind that the needs of a kitten and adult cat are different. They are different in size and of course in maturity level too. It is better to buy an adjustable litter box so it could be used for any sized cat. Mature cats are good at climbing but little ones need some training. Just one thing is important and you should keep in mind that little cat’s bones and older cats are weak, they might have arthritis problem. So you must be careful about them when they are going in and coming out of the litter box.

Scratching post for cat

Cats usually like to scratch things by using their nails, and it’s something normal in their behavior. If you want them to get rid of this habit, then it is not possible, they may even behave rudely if you try doing this. Let them have a scratching post for this. And try using phenyl pheromone to keep air fresh.

Feeding and medication of your pet

Concern your vet for making a food plan for your cat according to her health and medical conditions. Buy the food high in necessary amino acids for cats. Don’t ever try to overfeed your cat. And after meals do her brushing according to the need of cat’s coat. Make sure to give her enough time to play and visit the vet every year.