10 Must-Have Pet Accessories for Your Cat

As a cat owner, you have to make sure that your cat is healthy and safe. This way, you can interact with the cat well and enjoy having your pet around. Most cat owners often develop the anxiety of whether they are taking proper care of their cat. This article aims to eliminate this anxiety by detailing some of the accessories you should avail for your cat.

Litter Box

There are numerous litter box designs in the market. Get your cat a modern cat litter box that has two entries, one at the top and a side entry as well. It is easier to clean and also makes your cat feel comfortable. These litter boxes also blend in with the design of your home, and a guest in your home can hardly tell whether it is actually a litter box.

An Automated Pet Feeder

An automated pet feeder helps you maintain the proper nutrition for your cat by alerting you on the cat foods you should stock up on and also alerts you on the best feeding time. In addition, you can integrate this system into your smartphone so that it alerts you when you forget to feed your cat.

Cat Cave Bed

After playing around, your cat will need a place to retreat for some peace and calm. A cave bed is the best place for the cat to relax and allow you to get on with your daily routine. In addition, the cat will not lie around on every coach in the house, leaving some hair behind. This can be a cleaning nightmare. This means you will only need to clean the cat cave bed, which saves you valuable time. In addition, ensure that the cat cave bed is made from a material that will make your cat comfortable both in the winter and summer.

Scratcher Lounge

It would be disappointing to find your cushions destroyed by cat scratches. To avoid such a scenario, get yourself a scratcher lounge where the cat can freely scratch without causing harm. In addition, some scratch lounges can act as a place where the cat can relax.

Cat Nail Grinder

It is important to groom your cat’s nails every once in a while. Cat nails can harm you or even destroy your furniture. Get a cat nail grinder that easily degrades the cat’s nails. It is also electric, so you just have to position it well. Nail grinders for cats are safe, and some are portable and can come in handy, especially if your cat is quite stubborn.

A De-shedding tool

As mentioned earlier, cats can leave fur around the house, for example, in your mats, carpets, and furniture as well. Cleaning this fur can sometimes be very hectic. A de-shedding tool helps you to eliminate loose hair from your car, leaving it clean and smooth.

Cat Climbing Frame

Cats love to play around. Therefore, have some cat climbers installed in your home, especially in the exterior, where they can climb up and down at will. In addition, climbers can help the cat get off the roof safely. In addition, you can install it in a spacious room in your house where your cat can climb with ease when there are adverse weather conditions outside.

Water Fountain

Getting this accessory is one way to encourage your pet to drink enough water each day. Get a water fountain that is dishwasher safe to make it easier for you when cleaning it. In addition, ensure you regularly check the water for furs to allow your cat to have clean water.

Pet Carrier

If you need to move around with your cat, then this is a great option. Get a comfortable cat carrier that will provide both you and your cat with an easy time outdoors. Carrying your cat along for trips and walks helps improve the bond and protect it from anxiety as well.

Cat Tag

This is a great way to avoid losing your cat. You can clearly indicate your address on the tags, and in case your cat wanders off, a stranger can easily return it home.

All these cat accessories will help you enjoy having your pet around and also make it safe and comfortable for the pet to reside in your home. With the accessories, you will take care of your cat’s nutritional needs, grooming and cleaning as well.

Author:  Johnathan Brinkley