Tips for Hiring a Pet Photographer

Being a pet owner is being like a parent of a baby. You’re proud of their milestones, you love cuddling them, showering them with your affections, and capturing their cuteness. Using your camera or smartphone may be a convenient way to capture photos of your dog whenever a cute or playful moment comes along. You can take frequent snaps using your phone or camera, but most of the times, it cannot be proudly displayed in frames. Most owners get frustrated because they can’t take great pictures of their pets.

If you want to proudly display photographs of your pet, the best way is to hire an expert pet photographer brisbane. Here are some tips on how to choose the right photographer for your beloved animal:

1. Look for a specialist

Amateur photographers are everywhere. So, to ensure that you receive quality work, hire a seasoned professional photographer. Speaking of professional photographers, there are two types of them: generalists and specialists. Generalists shoot a bit of everything, like views, landscapes, weddings, models, and more. Specialists focus on one type of photography. Get a specialist photographer who focuses on pets, since they know how to handle animals. Pet photographers, besides their skills, have the ability to tame pets and make them look in the camera to capture their best look.

2. Choose an experienced photographer

If you really want the best, try to hire a photographer that has years of experience in the field. Experienced photographers know how to satisfy customers’ expectations. They surely know how to capture the bond between you and your pet, creating a treasured photo that you can surely admire.

3. Look at your prospective photographers’ portfolio and get to know them

Get to know how your prospective photographers’ work by looking at their website or social media page. See if you like how they take photos and other creative details like color filtering, layouts and more. Schedule a consultation before the actual pictorial, and discuss how the sessions will work. Tell your expectations and discuss any questions you may have. Make sure you feel comfortable with the photographer before booking because if you don’t, chances are your pet won’t click with him/her either.

4. Choose photography style

Choose photography style

Some photographers are more skilled in a studio environment where they can control the lighting and they won’t be affected by external factors like weather. If you want your pet’s pictorial to be done in a studio, make sure your pet is well-trained to stay quiet and sit in the same spot for long periods of time. However, consider that the lights and bright flashes in studio photography may overwhelm your pet.

Meanwhile, some photographers don’t own or work in a studio and can be called in for outdoor locations. If you prefer outdoor photography, your pet can exercise and have a great time exploring while being captured, especially if your pet is a dog. In the case of older dogs, cats or puppies, an indoor setting is more preferable. Your choice of photographer depends on where your dog feels comfortable because as long as they feel relaxed, their photos will turn out nice.

5. Look for a deal

Figure out how much you are willing to spend, and compare what each photographer offers with their price. The higher the price, the higher the quality, but you can keep your eye out for discounts and deals. Do you want a shoot-and-burn photographer, or do you want someone who can offer prints or even gallery-quality pieces? You will surely pay more for the latter, but you can be sure that the memory of your pet will last longer.