Which Is Better — A Cat or A Dog?

Dog over a cat? Or cat over a dog?

The debate seems so never-ending when it comes to the subject as to which of the popular pets is a better companion. And the rivalry will never cease today and for good. I guess it depends on your personality, whether you’re a dog or a cat person. There’s no consensus when it comes to that, like the famous image of a perpetual quarrel between dogs and cats.

Generally, dog persons are reputed to be outgoing, dynamic and gregarious people, while most cat people are seen to be quiet, gentle, sometimes retiring and aloof. But it’s not always the case. People may surprise you about the choice of their pets which seems the opposite of their own personality. Some people love both dogs and cats and own these pets. You may be surprised that some dogs and cats are cohabiting peacefully under one roof.

So which one is better — a man’s best friend or a creature once worshipped by the Egyptians? Find out some of the reasons here that will help you decide.

Cute dogs waking up owners

Cute dogs waking up ownersWhy are dogs better than cats?

Aside from being affectionate and loyal, why are dogs better cats? Here are other reasons:

1. Dogs help you make friends and keep you fit.

Dogs may be the way to help you in making interactions with strangers and make new friends. There is a study that people who walk with their pet dogs have more interactions with strangers than people who walk alone. Walking your dog daily is beneficial to your health too as it is for your pet, it’s like you’re both exercising together.

Dogs2. Dogs just want to have fun

That is not to say that a cat doesn’t want to have any, in fact, there are frisky kittens out there, and they have their own kind of fun too. But sometimes you want to play with cats, and all they want to do is to just nap. Most doggies love to play, and they crave for interactive play with their owners. Play with them in a game of fetch using a ball, a stick or a disc, or engage with your pooches in a tug-of-war session, and many others. Some people even train their dogs by playing with them. Usually, a dog’s energy eclipses their master’s, so if you’re tired and your dog isn’t yet, give it something to play.

Dogs are easier to train3. Dogs are easier to train

That’s not to say too, that cats can’t be trained. In fact, cats can be technically trained, but it’s very difficult and challenging. Cats have this reputation of “I will do it if I want to” personality. Most cats refuse to respond to little cues and perform little tricks. Even cats motivated by food may still be lazy to respond to your commands and just walk out — or snitch the food away from your hands anyway. With dogs, however, they seem to enjoy training, because it gives them a sense of ambition and purpose. Most dogs love to do work. Aside from that, most dogs are highly motivated by food and attention, and will mostly respond to commands for a bit of edible reward. They will gladly sit, stay, shake, lie down, roll over and whatever things the owners can teach them. Dogs love to act out because most of them are bored, and need activity and mental stimulation. Cats need them too but will get them depending on their own terms.

Dogs have greater potential4. Dogs have greater potential

As dogs are generally easier to train and have a special sense of smell, dogs can be also trained to do special tasks. No wonder there are K-9’s that are trained to sniff suspected things like bombs, illegal drugs, and contraband material, or dogs that guide the blind, the elderly and the handicapped, or dogs that perform in search-and-rescue operations. Dogs have been around for a long time as service dogs who work to help human beings. They can even sniff out cancer. Dogs are heroes! Have you seen a cat within a police vest and work for people anyway?


5. Dogs will protect you

No doubt about it! That’s why people own dogs for that very reason — to protect them and their property. Even smaller dogs are very feisty and brave enough to chase away intruders. A dog’s bark can alert you and help you see what’s going on outside, or see who’s entering into your house. Dogs have this sense of “don’t enter here because it’s my territory or else I’ll bite you” thing — and I guess it’s their instinct to defend their owners and their territory. Dogs have also sensitive ears, which are very helpful — even a very faint ruffle from the garden will provoke your dog to bark loudly, therefore alerting the owners. Aside from their keen sense of hearing, dogs have also the ability to sense fear and will respond immediately when they feel threatened, and their protective instinct follows. Most intruders don’t want to be bitten by a dog anyway, regardless of the size of the dog. You won’t see a cat defending you — even if you are in grave danger they will just ignore you and walk away, or even stare at you blankly!

Funny cats compilation

Funny cats compilationWhy are cats better than dogs?

They wouldn’t be called “cool cats” without these reasons:

1. Cats need less care and fuss

No, that’s not to say you mustn’t love your catless, but the fact that cats require very little grooming and smell better than dogs is a great thing for the owners especially if they’re the very busy type. As most cats dislike water, they’re least likely to be subjected into regular bathing. These felines will just lick their paws and groom themselves, and they’re done! Despite washing themselves with just their saliva, cats, amazingly, don’t become smelly. So you don’t need to buy these shampoos and grooming kits that will cost you some fortune. Even on food, cats are more “cost-effective” pets. It will definitely cost you less in feeding an eight-pound cat compared to feeding a fifty-pound dog.

Cats are funnier than dogs -- most of them without their knowledge2. Cats are funnier than dogs — most of them without their knowledge

You think that a pooch makes you laugh more than a cat does with only those doggie eyes? Think again. Better yet, check out those thousands of comical cat photos, videos and GIF images on the Internet (particularly on Tumblr). Cats are naturally curious creatures, and although their curiosity doesn’t exactly kill them (like the old saying goes “curiosity kills the cat”), it otherwise leads these felines into hilarious and cute scenes even if they don’t know it. Try not to giggle when you see a cat wrestles with its own self in the mirror, or tries to chase that little red laser pointer dancing on the wall, or jumps very high in surprise with its fur in bristles. It’s as if these cats possess an innate comic timing. Even with the way many cats sleep are laughable. Dogs can make you laugh too, but I guess they need a bigger place to clown around, not to mention a need for constant applause. But when you just see a cat trying to fit itself inside a shoe box, you’ve got instant entertainment. And, hey, who doesn’t know about the famous Grumpy Cat who launches a thousand funny memes?

Cats are welcoming to all sorts of visitors3. Cats are welcoming to all sorts of visitors

Even when your friend comes over to your pad for the first time, your cats won’t go over into a barking frenzy, leaping at and pawing at the newcomer, and excitedly begging for attention. Dogs usually do that whenever a visitor comes over, and especially if they see a visitor for the first time, they’d probably do such things — either out of delight and excitement or worse, if their territorial instinct goes up and makes them aggressive. Cats, on the other hand, treat your guests politely. They’d rather observe your visitors from a distance, and will initially welcome them with a tail twitch, and that’s it — no effusive greetings, no humping on legs, no jumping on laps and no wet slurping on your face. Eventually, your kittens will immediately warm up with your visitors, and will not probably even resist if they’re being petted by your guests. They’ll just look quietly contented sitting on their laps in the end.

Even the loudest cat is still quieter than a dog4. Even the loudest cat is still quieter than a dog

One of the reasons why people hate dogs is simply because they bark too loudly. Even dog lovers find sleeping at night difficult when their dogs (and their neighbors’ too) are barking out all night. Bark, bark, bark! That’s understandable, especially if they’re guard dogs that are trained to bark at night. In fact, dogs are helpful especially for people who live alone, but the owners would rather keep them out of the house and into their yards and corridors instead. Even when dogs are happy, upset, excited, or announcing the presence of a stranger or responding to a new treat, they will just bark loudly anyway. Even a cat’s loudest complaints — angry meows and occasional hisses — will never be at par with the dog’s decibel level. Sure, cats also make noises whenever they fight each other over either a female cat or a territory, simply because the owners never have them neutered. Luckily these fights never last long. And sure enough, your neighbor won’t knock at your door and complain about your cat hissing.

5. That purr!

People who mostly own dogs all their lives will miss out on one thing — it’s the cat’s purr. Cats, compared to dogs, aren’t that “all-out” and demonstrative in showing their affection. But when a cat purrs, it’s the sound that nothing else can be compared to in this world. A cat is happy when it purrs, and these purring sounds are really pleasant as a lullaby, and it could even be a stress-buster. Stroke your pet cat and it will elicit that contented buzz that will cure your stress or illness much more effectively than a medicine does. A cat also purrs beside its dish, or rubs itself against your legs and purrs at you while you’re standing beside the counter. That’s all you need to realize when your cat is hungry — unlike a dog who will bark loudly and dance around, “ambush” at you in the kitchen and kiss you with its wet tongue. Cat’s don’t mind if you complain all day or spend too much time online. They will sit nearby, or jump into your lap, eliciting those soft, vibrating kitty sounds and craving for your company. This also beats the popular notion that cats are aloof, uncaring creatures — in fact they can be the sweetest pets around.

That purr

They both deserve your love and care!

Whether dogs are better than cats or cats are better than dogs, your canine and feline pets both give enjoyment, affection, and companionship that will never ask something in return. So it’s just right and appropriate that you will treat them well as part of your family and give them your best care and love as much as possible.