3 Costs Involved in Pet Care to Consider

pet care

If you are a pet owner, then you will know too well that this can be quite an expensive outgoing for you. Pets are great for people’s health and wellbeing, but it can come at a cost. This is why, it is extremely important, specifically in today’s economic climate, that before anyone … Read more

Caring for a Long Tail Lizard that Lost Its Tail

California Whiptail Lizard, Adult. Santa Clara County, California, USA.

If you have found an injured long tail lizard, the first thing you should do is make sure it is in a safe place. Do not try to touch or move the lizard if it is in a dangerous spot. If possible, gently place a container over the lizard to keep it … Read more

Learn the Benefits of Playing with Your Cat

Playing with Your Cat

Many cats are perfectly content to spend the entire day perched on a windowsill, napping and watching the world pass them by. However, this does not eliminate the possibility that cats require or enjoy playing games with their owners. They do, without a doubt! Cats enjoy being mentally and physically stimulated. Also, … Read more

Tips for Adopting a Kitten

Two kittens on an area rug

Raising a new kitten, like raising any pet, is an experience loaded with challenges and rewards. If you’re considering getting a new kitten, you’ll have a little bundle of joy to watch and years to enjoy his growth. It’s a pretty exciting decision, but there’s a lot to consider. Taking care of … Read more

Interesting Facts about Veterinarians


A veterinary physician or more commonly called a veterinarian is a professional who treats diseases, disorders, and injuries in animals. That’s why whenever our pets do not feel well or are injured, we always take them to the veterinarian to be cured. The love and passion of veterinarians towards animals are always … Read more

Diseases You Can Catch From Your Pet

Pet disease

You love your pets with all your heart and you want to ensure their health and happiness. However, if you are too close to your pet or often near or around them, it’s possible that you can catch diseases from them. Yes, your lovable pets can transmit diseases to you, too. Here’s … Read more

Which Is Better — A Cat or A Dog?

cat and dog

Dog over a cat? Or cat over a dog? The debate seems so never-ending when it comes to the subject as to which of the popular pets is a better companion. And the rivalry will never cease today and for good. I guess it depends on your personality, whether you’re a dog … Read more