Pets Who Rescued Their Humans

Read the incredible heroic acts these pets did to save their masters from danger!


Willie is one of the very few pet parrots hailed as heroes! The Quaker parrot from Denver, Colorado alerted his owner, Megan Howard, when the 2-year-old baby she was caring for began to choke on a Pop Tart. The parrot’s persistent squawking, “Mama, baby” prompted Howard to rush back to the room where she found the baby turning blue. She performed the first aid on the baby in time.

For his heroic efforts, Willie was given several awards including an award from the local Red Cross.

Slinky Malinki

Cats are mostly reputed to be aloof, so you’ll be surprised that a cat actually saved the life of a human. Slinky Malinky rescued his owner from near-death.

Slinky’s owner, a retired nurse in England named Janet Rawlinson, was reacting so badly to a medication she’s taking for chronic back pains. For days she was slipping in and out of consciousness, but Slinky sensed something more grave and he knew he must save his master before it became too late.

So Slinky managed to escape from their home and trotted over to a neighbor’s house where he started to persistently tap on its window, trying to get their attention. It prompted the neighbors to check on Janet and managed to save her in the nick of time.

Janet was forever grateful to her beloved Slinky: “He saved my life. Without him, I might not have made it.”


Dory, a large pet rabbit, wasn’t normally allowed by her owners to sit on the furniture. But that didn’t stop Dory from sensing that something was wrong with her owner Simon Stegall of Warboys, Cambridgeshire, when he was slumped over his seat while watching TV. Simon’s wife Victoria thought he was just simply tired from work and fell asleep.

But Dory’s odd behavior made her thump up and down on Simon’s chest, which made Victoria finally realizing that her husband could not be moved. Finally, she called for the paramedics. It was discovered that Simon fell into a diabetic coma and needed life-saving glucose shots.

Victoria, an ambulance driver herself, said that she felt embarrassed that the rabbit spotted it before she did.


Dogs are known as a man’s best friend while cats aren’t, but it looks like there’s a reversal of fortunes where the cat becomes the hero and the dog is some sort of a villain.

Tara the ferocious, fearless feline charged towards a vicious dog who attacked her four-year-old autistic owner who was out biking. The dog that attacked the boy was their neighbor’s, and it was a bit frightening considering that it was an unprovoked attack. The whole incident was caught by the CCTV outside their home in California.

The boy was badly wounded that he needed 10 stitches on his leg but was later doing fine. Because of Tara’s heroic efforts, she became an instant celebrity. The town honored her with her own holiday, June 3, known as “Tara the Hero Cat Day.”

And the dog? He was euthanized shortly after the horrific incident.


An African grey parrot named Wunsy came to his owner’s rescue when she was randomly attacked by a stranger.

Wunsy and his owner Rachel Mancino were taking a stroll at a park near their London home when an unknown attacker suddenly shoved and pushed her to the ground. Then Wunsy flapped his wings, squawked, and attacked the stranger with his beak until the man fled.

Trudy Guy was surprised when her six-month-old kitten Schnautzie awakened her by persistently tapping her paws on her master’s nose. Intrigued, Trudy got out of bed and woke her husband up. They later discovered a ruptured gas pipe leak just outside the bathroom and immediately fled their house. Firefighters who arrived at the scene told her that had Schnautzie not alerted her, their house could have exploded and been engulfed in flames.


A 350-pound potbellied pet pig named LuLu played “dead” to save her dying owner in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

Jack and Jo Ann Altsman took their daughter’s potbellied pig LuLu in their care, and the bond between them became strong. In fact, owning LuLu would turn out to be fateful.

In 1998, Jack was out fishing while Jo Ann was left in their summer mobile home. She suffered a heart attack and even managed to throw an alarm clock out of the window in an attempt to attract attention from anyone nearby. No one was around.

LuLu realized that it was not enough, and then took matters in her own hoof, so to speak. She forced her way out of the house and went on to lie down in the middle of the road, playing dead. A driver stopped and followed the pig to their house, where Jo Ann was found lying on the floor, distressed. The driver called 911 and later Jo Ann was flown to a hospital for an open-heart surgery.

The doctors later said that had 15 more minutes passed, Jo Ann would have died. LuLu’s heroic and even sacrificial act in order to save her owner from certain a death proves that pigs are one of the smartest animals around, even smarter than the smartest dogs!


Ace is a pit bull who saved the life of his deaf master, 13-year-old Nick Lamb, from a certain death.

Except for Ace, Lamb was alone in his home in Indianapolis, Indiana. He had removed his cochlear implants from his ear before going to sleep.

While he was asleep a fire broke out and the whole house was later filled with smoke. Nick, without the implants, could not hear the smoke signal. Fortunately, the quick-thinking Ace rushed up to Nick and stirred him from his sleep by persistently licking his face. Nick, awakened, also began to smell smoke so both he and the dog immediately left the home to their safety. Nick later said the loyal Ace saved his life.


A mixed-breed pooch named Kiara saved the life of her little master when an intruder attacked her in their home in Brazil.

The 10-year-old girl was home alone when a stranger knocked at their door and asked for a cup of water. After the girl agreed and let him inside the house, the stranger began to assault her by knocking her on the head. But the potentially fatal attack was cut short when the usually docile Kiara began to ferociously attack the man by biting him, which caused him to run away.

The unconscious girl was taken to the hospital and was put into a coma. She recovered and was eventually released. On her way back home the girl was reunited with Kiara whom she thanked for saving her life.


A pet cockatiel saved the life of his owner from a burning home in Avilla, Indiana.
Andrew Hardiek had just come from the third shift from his factory job. He fell fast asleep when a fire broke out at the back of his house — he was too exhausted to realize that his house was burning. It was only when his colorful little bird Dylan starting squawking loud, finally waking him up and alerting him of the smoke and fire that was creeping in their house. Both Andrew his pet cockatiel made it out safely.

Even though their house was completely burned down, Andrew was still grateful to Dylan for saving his life.