Deciding Whether or Not to Get Pet Insurance

Would you buy a health insurance for your pet?

Pets, whether dogs or cats, give us unconditional love, companionship, and enjoyment. I guess our pets love us more unconditionally than humans do. Most of us treat them as part of the family and have developed a deep attachment to them. That’s why, as much as possible, many of us will spend whatever it takes to get them the best medical care whenever they’re sick or get injured.

A pet insurance is similar to human health insurance. Depending on their financial capability, people choose to buy pet insurance mainly because of the rising medical bills. As veterinarians’ fees are getting higher and expensive new treatments are becoming available, it’s imperative that you get one. Veterinarians these days are especially amazing that they can perform treatments that were once reserved for humans such as radiation therapy, kidney transplants, open-heart surgeries or cancer treatments, that is if you can afford all of them.

Why Should I Get Pet Insurance?

The average insurance claim is now hundreds of dollars but claims can go up into thousands ifWhy Should I Get Pet Insurance?your pet has a developing condition so in this case, you might need to get a pet insurance.

Another reason is that if your pet is of high value, such as a pedigree dog that you regularly take to dog show competitions or kennel clubs, a pet insurance is especially of utmost importance. This is to cover the cost of treating your show dog in case it gets sick, or replacing it in case it dies or is stolen.

A recent survey conducted by the Associated Press found that a significant number of pet owners (about 41%) are worried that they could not afford the best medical treatment whenever their pets are having an illness. So is insurance is the answer to that? It depends. If you want to save yourself from monstrous medical bills, go get an insurance.

Here are a few reasons why you should get an insurance for your beloved pet:

1. With a pet insurance, it allows you to pick your own veterinarian. Compared to human health insurance that may require you to seek for the designated health care provider, a pet insurance allows you to get access care from the veterinarian of your choice. Just provide your vet’s medical bill to the insurance company and it will give you reimbursements of certain expenses.

2. A pet insurance doesn’t discriminate any pet by virtue of its breed or age. It’s recommended that you obtain pet insurance as soon as you adopt your pet to avail of the lower premiums, although you will want to ensure your pet at a later period.

3. Getting a pet insurance gives you that peace of mind you’ve always wanted. The good thing about pet insurance is that it lets you have the choice to get treatments based on the best medical options available and not limited to your financial capabilities. Most pet insurance policies compensates your cost by up to eighty percent after deductibles.

4. Pet insurance policies allows you to choose which one of those payment plans works best for you, so that you can sort your budget. These payments can be made monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

5. A pet insurance prevents you from spending other forms of family savings. Even ifA pet insurance prevents you from spending other forms of family savings. Even ifyou’ve got set up your family’s pet savings account, you cannot help from dipping into it when you face unexpected events such as house repairs, or when someone from your family gets hurt in an accident.

6. The best thing about pet insurance is that it allows you, the pet owners, to authorize certain medical treatments for your pet in case it is badly injured, or develops a life-threatening illness such as cancer, or its condition requires surgery. This will definitely extend the life of your beloved pet.

On the other hand, if you have disposable income or savings to be able to pay to the veterinarian yourself, then you might not need a pet insurance. However, if you really want to get a quality pet insurance, it is vital that you look out for the right policy, and not just the cheapest ones around. This is something that you might want to give back to your dog, cat or a bird, which has given you unequaled affection and companionship, and we know how much your pet means a lot to you.
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Should you buy pet insurance?

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