Best Companion Dog Breeds

Well, of course technically, most dogs would make great companions. But there are dog breeds that keep their human master’s company much better than others. Whether you’re out there for a leisurely walk, having a family day out or having some lazy time on the couch watching television, these dog breeds make excellent companions to have fun or to chill with. And here is the link to contact the most trusted cavoodle breeder melbourne.


Golden Retriever

One of the most popular pet dogs in the United States, the Golden Retriever is an incredibly friendly, loyal and loving companion. Quite social too, so it means it loves being around people. Sure, they do real doggie purpose such as swimming, retrieving things and doing search-and-rescue work, but it makes for a great family pet too. At times they’d rather sleep at your feet than going outside without you.

mixed breeds

Mixed breeds or mutts are generally believed to have less genetic health issues compared to purebreds. Plus, mutts adopted from the shelter have already been spayed, and by adopting them you’re helping to reduce pet overpopulation.

shih tzu

This adorable toy dog breed from China has a long and soft coat that comes in a lot of combination of colors: white, black, brown, golden and gray. It is alert, loyal and affectionate and also great with kids. Plus, Shih Tzu (both singular and plural) are hypoallergenic, so they’re great pets around sensitive people. It much prefers to be close to its master but it is also affectionate even towards strangers.


The bulldog was originally bred for bull-baiting, hence the name. But when the bloody sport was outlawed during the 19th century, the bulldog’s useful days were numbered and the breed started to die out. Fortunately, efforts to revive the bulldog became successful and the breed evolved into the modern English bulldog or simply bulldog.

This goofy-looking pooch is gentle, patient, and friendly, and are excellent with kids. Overall, the bulldog makes a great family pet — and a couch companion!


Another toy dog, the snowy-white Maltese is considered one of the ancient dog breeds. This adorable pet is quite lively and playful, and is super-close to its human masters that it (rightfully) feels like it’s part of the family! The Maltese do not shed, thus it is the perfect pet for people with allergies, and will do well in small spaces like apartments which it also prefers.

Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is the smallest among the sighthound types, standing up to 15 inches at the shoulder. Like other sighthounds, it runs quite fast, darting at a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour.

Despite being a fast runner, the Italian Greyhound also enjoys lazing around on the sofa or on your lap. It is sweet, affectionate, low-maintenance, and virtually odorless compared to other dogs. However, it doesn’t tolerate extremely cold temperatures due to its short coat, that’s why you should dress it with thick doggie coats or be kept warm and cozy inside the house.


The Bullmastiff was originally bred as a guard dog. But while this purpose has virtually lost on this breed nowadays, the Bullmastiff still retains much of its guarding instinct.

Despite its former reputation as a guard dog as well as its intimidating size and strength, the Bullmastiff is a gentle, sweet and loving dog that it makes a great companion pooch and a family pet. It is also highly trainable.

Labrador Retriever

Like a lot of retriever dogs, the Labrador Retriever is a kind, pleasant, even-tempered and gentle dog, making them the perfect pet for every family. Their sweet, affectionate and easy-going nature may make them poor guard dogs, but they are excellent in other fields such as guiding, search-and-rescue work, and therapy.

The “Lab” is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States.


Named after a state in Mexico, the Chihuahua is considered the smallest dog breed in the world. But don’t dare belittle their diminutive size and adorable, big eyes: Chihuahuas sometimes display aggressiveness when you’re talking about fiercely protecting their masters. Typically, they are extremely loyal to one human owner or family only, and would not welcome strangers, as well as other pets around unless they’re socialized early in life.

They are playful and comical little dogs and love to bury themselves under the blankets and pillows. They also enjoy basking in the sun, so it makes a great sunbathing buddy!


The second most intelligent dog breed in the world also happens to be a friendly and sociable dog who craves the company of its human masters. In fact, it hates being left alone in the house when the whole family is having their day out. An energetic and highly trainable breed, the poodle feels the happiest when it’s allowed to run outside and play, or even when it’s being taught various tricks.


This charming ball of fur is active, lively, and playful pooch who craves for human companionship. The Pomeranian’s small size is perfect for those who live in apartments, but it is not an ideal dog for people with allergies due to its heavy shedding.


These wrinkly-faced, charming toy dogs are strong, considering their small size. But despite their surprising strength, they are not aggressive. Rather, pugs are gentle, sociable, patient and loving dogs, and they love being with children in particular. Fortunately, their strong and stocky build makes them perfect for rough-and-tumble games with kids.

Pugs are sensitive and are eager to please their humans. Their somewhat lazy nature makes them ideal couch companions and sleep mates.

Yorkshire Terriers

These beautiful, long-haired toy dogs are ideal companion dogs for older families. Yorkshire Terriers are also intelligent and can be trained. While they prefer to laze around for much of the day, they can be active if there’s something that catches their attention. Their behavior varies depending on the owner.

Their coat is hypoallergenic, thus they don’t shed too much which makes them ideal for people with allergies.

Bichon Frise

This adorable white ball of fur is generally described as a happy dog. The Bichon Frise is also playful, affectionate and gentle, as well as smart. It loves being with its human owners and will do anything to get your attention. With its copious amounts of fur, it needs a lot of grooming but the good news is that it doesn’t shed a lot.