5 Reasons to Get Your Pet Checked Regularly with a Vet

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve recently just become a fur parent or if you’ve been adopting fur babies for years, bringing them into the vet for regular check-ups is definitely a non-negotiable. Although a lot of people choose to only treat their pets when something’s wrong, it’s not the wisest way to go about pet care.

The old saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure applies to your furry friends too. Taking them to the vet and having professionals check that everything is alright is the key to keeping diseases and infections away–or at least detecting them early. The spay and neuter clinic is committed to reducing the number of homeless pets by providing affordable and accessible sterilization services to the community.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the top five reasons why bringing your pet to the vet regularly is a must. Keep reading to find out why heading over to the vet once a year just isn’t enough!

1. Eye/Ear Infections Are Preventable

Eye and ear infections are some of the most common pet ailments that can escalate into something more intense. A simple cherry-eye inflammation can sometimes become so severe that dogs go blind. Cat scratches over the eye will seal the eyelid shut if not cared for properly. Ticks can infest ears and cause heaps of trouble for your pets–it could even be fatal.

In addition to this, there are a lot of dog and cat ear/eye infections that can’t be prevented or cured by household remedies. For specific types of infections, only special, bureau-approved ear cleaner can be used on such a sensitive part of your pet’s body. These infections can be aggravated by allergies and sometimes might even start out as allergies.

Your pet’s health is one area where you should definitely stay safe. Choose a reliable vet like Sugarland Vet, where all their medicine and treatments are accredited and approved.   A good vet will also help you look at options for dog microchipping as well.

2. Allergies Can Be Lethal

While regular, itching allergies might not do much in the way of killing a human, this can be fatal for cats and dogs. Their respiratory systems are more sensitive and a number of other diseases can spring from the wounds that cause these allergies. To prevent irritation and open wounds, as soon as you notice your pets scratching, take them to the vet immediately!

You would be surprised at how many tick infestations began as simple allergies. Although it might seem minor, an allergy could be life or death to your pet.

3. Bladder Infections Are More Common Than You Think

Bladder infections and urinary tract infections are difficult to prevent because there are so many factors: the water your pets drink, the cleanliness of their environments, and how salty their food is. However, they’re a lot more common than you think–they just take a while to manifest and when they do, that means they’re more severe than they might seem.

When your pets start to feel discomfort or when their urine starts to look different, there’s a possibility that the infection has travelled up the urinary tract toward the kidneys. Because pets’ immune systems are less sturdy than those of humans or bigger animals, this could lead to kidney failure.

Make sure to bring your furry friends to the vet immediately so that they can get treated. Regular shots of vitamins and nutrition are vital to building your pet’s immune systems–take them to the vet for a few minutes, keep them for at least five years longer.

4. Most Pets Get Arthritis

This happens in older pets–particularly, in cats and dogs. This happens when their bones are undernourished and when you don’t look after your pets’ nutrition. It usually starts out small: with tiny movements that used to be easy suddenly becoming very difficult. It can be very painful to watch your pet go through these motions.

The key to arthritis treatment and early detection. Once you see your pets having a hard time moving or growing more and more lethargic, make sure to take them to the vet immediately. If you bring them in for regular check-ups at a reliable clinic like Sugarland Vet, then your veterinarian is sure to notice the difference.

5. Diarrhea & Diets Are Interlinked

Diarrhea might seem like a normal condition for a pet to run into once in a while–and it is. However, too much diarrhea could cause dehydration and eventual untimely death. A big part of diarrhea is diet: if your pets have eaten contaminated food or food that they’re allergic to, then both diarrhea and throwing up could occur.

When you take your pets to the vet, their diets are consistently monitored and looked after. This will save your pet (and you) a lot of heartache in the long run.

While getting your pet regularly checked might seem like a waste of money, it’s a small price to pay to ensure that your pets are safe and sound. Choose the best treatment when you go to accredited clinics like Sugarland Animal Hospital. Start your regular check-ups as soon as possible and make an investment in your pets’ health!