What Do I Need for a New Puppy? The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Fur Parent

When you bring a puppy into your home, you immediately become a fur parent. Although puppies are more self-sufficient than actual children, they still require a lot of love, affection, and materials to keep them happy and healthy. You will certainly have new challenges to navigate while you teach your puppy friend his or her routine.

Some of those challenges include your phone’s memory getting filled with your pooch’s precious pictures, creating a great place for the two of you to play, and curbing puppy energy. There’s a learning curve for everyone, so here’s an ultimate guide that will help you be the best pet parent possible.

Share your joy!

Now that you always have a camera at your fingertips, or at least in your pocket, you’ll never have to miss an adorable moment again. Puppies have a lot of heart-melting moments daily, even hourly. If you go through any dog parent’s photo app on their phone, you’ll notice that their pooch is their favorite subject to capture. Your camera roll might be so full to the brim that you find you don’t have space for anything else. You don’t have to delete the numbers of all your friends and acquaintances to make more space; you just need a photo manager online.

With a platform like ibi, you can have all of your favorite memories collected in one place. It’s like your own personal cloud for photos and videos. You can set up which social media accounts you want ibi to collect from, so if a friend shares a picture of your pup that you love and tags you, you’ll have it forever. You can even set up an inner circle to easily share the media you collect. Your parents will love such easy access to pictures of their favorite, furry grandchild and you’ll love being able to take as many as you want.

What about O-U-T-S-I-D-E?

Once your puppy gets old enough to start using the bathroom outside, you’ll want to make sure you have a great, functional outdoor area. If you have space in your front or backyard, making a puppy oasis is a great idea. Safety is the first step. Start by plugging up any holes in the fence line that your furry friend could scoot through without your knowledge. Even if you think a hole might be “too small” patch it anyway because puppies are quite curious. If you have a garden already planted, make sure that none of the plants are toxic to canines. Puppies learn through exploring with their mouths, so safety proofing your garden is definitely worth your time.

Now, it’s time for the fun part. You can install an interactive feature for your pup to play on. You can build a shelter that has different levels to climb on, and a doghouse to take shelter inside, in case there’s an unexpected clap of dreaded thunder. Letting your dog romp outside is obviously going to result in some places you’re not going to want to step. Hire residential pet waste removal, so you can play right alongside your pet without “stepping in it.”

Manners matter.

Puppies have a whole lot to learn, and as their fur parent, it’s your responsibility to teach them. Teaching your pup proper manners is important in order to keep everyone safe and happy. The time to fix nipping and biting is as early as possible. Their education doesn’t have to solely rest on your shoulders. Get help from trained professionals at trusted schools, like the American Kennel Club. You’ll be able to get sound advice and feedback, so you and your pup can be a perfect pair.