What Are The Known Benefits Of Using CBD Oil For Dogs

As with any other health and wellness trend, there are also many popping out for animals. Dogs, in particular, have become a regular subject as they’re one of the most common household pets. Of the many health wellness trends that are gaining popularity, CBD oil seems to be the one being widely discussed. Some are already sold on its benefits, and have also tried this with their furry friends. Some, however, still remain skeptical.

Of course, you’d want the best for your pup at all times. To help enlighten you, this article gives you a list of the known benefits that CBD oil can provide your dogs. To ensure your dog’s health, try some CBD treats for dogs.

1. It’s Non-Psychoactive

 Just like for humans, CBD is also non-psychoactive for dogs. This means that your dog won’t get addicted to it. This is a significant benefit for dog owners who have long been dependent on medication for their pet. As is the case with human beings, the prolonged use of chemical medicines can lead to a possible dependency. With CBD, this doesn’t happen.

CBD is also an all-natural alternative compared to synthetic medication. Dogs that have also been taking synthetic medication run the risk of experiencing the health hazards associated with these medications. In the worst instances, your dog might even get sicker. With CBD oil, your dogs experience little to no side effects at all.

In this regard, however, a very important tip to remember is to make sure that you’re buying from a reputable brand or a good source. That way, you’re more assured about the quality of the CBD oil that you’re giving your dog. Holistapet is a good place to start when searching for CBD oil dog products that you can trust.

2. Helps Control Seizures

 Another one of the benefits that your dog can gain from using CBD oil is its ability to manage and control seizures. When your dog is diagnosed with neuropathic pain, this can often lead to seizures. Imagine how hard it is for a dog to understand and control what’s happening to its body when it starts shaking. A simple act of massaging CBD oil or allowing them to ingest it can manage this.

3. Treats Stress And Anxiety

 Dogs experience stress and anxiety, too. This can be in the form of separation anxiety, such as when you’ve got to leave for work. Dogs are animals that get attached so quickly to their owners and just a little change in the rhythm and schedule at home can immediately get anxious.

They are also sensitive to human emotions so when you’re stressed, they feel this, too. When you’re angry, they tend to get anxious. Try to observe how your dog reacts when you’re also in a stressful situation. In most cases, you’ll see them agitated and unable to calm down.

Moreover, some events like New Year’s Eve could feel like torture for your dogs. Loud noises coming from fireworks can put your dog under a lot of stress.

In these instances, dog treats can help, and you can take this up a notch by giving them dog treats with CBD in them. CBD oil can be an ingredient for dog treats, thus helping your dogs calm down by easing their stress and anxiety. When your dog digests the CBD, this interacts with the hormones in their body responsible for controlling stress. In turn, CBD causes the production of more happy hormones, which helps lift the mood of your dogs.

4. Has Anti-Nausea Effects

Nausea can be experienced by pets, too. In fact, it’s one of the most common problems that your pet can have. Unfortunately for dogs, it can be hard for you to tell when they’re really sick since they can’t speak to you outright. You only begin to notice this once vomiting happens. To help you out, common symptoms of nausea in dogs include the following:

  • Constant licking
  • Excessive drooling
  • Lack of appetite
  • Restlessness

Once your pet starts showing any of the signs mentioned above, you can give them CBD oil as it has excellent anti-nausea effects. For dogs that have cancer, CBD oil is also great at managing the impact of the disease, nausea included. Taking CBD oil can, therefore, help put your dog back in a much healthier state. They feel less sick and can rest better.

What Are The Known Benefits Of Using CBD Oil For Dogs


Dogs and human beings are not too different from each other when it comes to CBD oil intake. After all, the use of CBD oil for dogs stemmed from its use in human beings. Like the latter, dogs also have endocannabinoid receptors in their body. This means that they’re capable of taking in and interacting with CBD to experience its benefits. If you’re convinced, all that’s left for you to do is to try it out. Just remember, however, to always keep the dose to a minimum. Stay safe and whenever you’re unsure, consult your veterinarian for medical advice.