Top Reasons To Leave Your Pet at a Pet Hotel

If you want to travel or need to go on an important business trip, you might be worried about leaving your pet. If you live alone, this could be a hard decision since living your pet alone may mean no one will take care of him. No one will feed him, too. And if you need to be away for a very long time, that worry multiplies.

If you are in this predicament, do not worry. You can always leave your pet in a pet hotel. You can leave him to a relative, friend, or neighbour, but this set-up can only last for a short time. If you are gone for long, you also have to think about the responsibility you left with them. Maybe this is the first time they ever take care of a pet. Save yourself from worry and your friends from the burden by leaving your pets with the experts.

Why is it not advisable to let family members take care of your pet?

Aside from the absence of a formal pet-sitting arrangement, family and friends might only feel obligated to do you a favour. Since they are not professionals, they might end up distracted when they are confronted with their other obligations. If they cannot pay full attention to your pet’s needs, your pet might escape or try to go home — something that is quite common among cats and dogs. And if your pets need medical attention or have special needs, taking care of them can be challenging.

Pet hotels accept different kinds of pets2

The good thing about these pet hotels is that they accept pets of different play styles, temperaments, and sizes. They know exactly how to manage them. As such, you are guaranteed that they will be in better and capable hands. Most hotels have separate areas for dog and cat care.

Hotels for dogs and cats can give proper supervision

When you leave your cats and dogs to fend for themselves, they could be lonely and more mischievous. Consequently, you might be shocked to find your house or apartment torn down when you get home from vacation. In these pet hotels, dogs and cats are given dedicated playtime, and they are closely monitored round the clock.

Pet hotels can also schedule walks with your pets

Another great service offered by a pet hotel is giving your pet a walk. After getting your permission, the pet carers will take your pet on a supervised walk around the hotel. Most pet hotels have enclosed backyards where pets can enjoy some outdoor fun. You do not have to worry about them leaving dirt in your house. You also do not have to worry about them turning your apartment upside down while you are away.

Pets are not placed in cages in these hotels

Another good thing about these pet hotels is that they do not put your pets in a cage. Instead, they are groomed and bathe. Aside from that, your pets can also enjoy exercising. The carers will make sure that they stay clean and active while their owner is away. Most pet hotels also have their spas for dogs and cats. In these spas, your pet can enjoy grooming services like brushing, nail cutting, and other important hygienic services. On top of that, they are also served delicious and nutritious meals.

When you have to be away, your dog or cat need not be alone and sad. To keep them company and make sure that they are well taken care of, bring them to a pet hotel.

Author:  Helen Harry