Top 5 Best Dog Nail Grinder for 2021

Nail grooming is essential for dogs. Excessively grown nails can be very dangerous and painful for dogs and their paws. Hence, regularly clipping or grinding those nails is crucial. Apart from that, even the owners can be hurt by the dog’s nails. Various household items are also damaged by excessively long and sharp nails.

Clipping or grinding dog nails can be pretty challenging. For that, you would need a solid nail grinder that can grind the appropriate amount of nails without hurting the dog much. Thus, we have listed the top 5 nail grinders of 2021 available in the market, along with all the details and features they offer.

LuckyTail Dog Nail Grinder Trimmer

The LuckyTail dog nail grinder Trimmer is one of the best nail grinders available in the market in 2021. Unlike traditional nail grinders, which behaved like drill machines, the LuckyTail dog nail grinder is super-quiet as a whisper when locked in the both speed settings. Even the most scared dogs do not fear this pretty pocket-friendly tool.


  1. Cordless grinder with a battery life of 4 hours on a single charge.
  2. Three ports to range from small, medium and large breed dogs, nail hardness and age.
  3. The carbon grinder promises long-lasting services.
  4. Noise level ranges between 30 to 50 dB makes the grinder vibrate less and the process less scary.
  5. Small, ergonomic and portable design.

Dremel Pet Dog Nail Grooming and Grinding Tool

The manufacturing company Dremel is the pioneer of creating dog nail grinders. This cordless nail grinder can perform optimally and has a long battery life serving at a nominal and affordable price. It is one nail grinder that your dog would love and be enthusiastic about getting their nails to grind. The 7300-PT nail grinder is the highest-rated grinder to date.


  1. This cordless grinder offers maximum control.
  2. Depending upon the dog breed and size, it offers two rotation speeds of 6500 RPM and 13000 RPM.
  3. It comes with five 60-grit sand drums for perfect grinding.
  4. Backed with a 2-year warranty, it has a battery life of 3 hours in a single charge session.
  5. Ergonomically designed with industrial-grade, solid plastic for long life.

Razoo Dog Nail Grinder

A soundless paw grooming, smoothing and nail trimming tool, the Razoo god nail grinder is made from the finest quality of materials, something you, like a paw parent, would be eager to use. It is way better than traditional trimmers or clippers and comes at a very affordable price. It is loaded with features that are described below.


  1. Ten hours of battery life in a single session of charging.
  2. The diamond grit is made strong enough to grind through the rock-solid nails of your dog.
  3. The noise levels in this nail grinder range between 40 dB to 50 dB making the nail grinding process less scary.
  4. The wireless grinder has an LCD screen to show the battery percentage level so that you never run out of charge.

Invenho Pet Nail Grinder and Electric Paw Trimmer

The Invenho grinder and trimmer is something you should own if you have a pawed friend. This grinder is doing wonders in the market and, as a new launch, has already attracted a lot of fame. With multiple ports, it makes grinding dog nails easy, quick and painless.


  1. It offers less than 40 dB of sound, which is super quiet.
  2. With three ports, the grinder is suitable for all sizes of dog nails and cuts them to maximum precision.
  3. The carbon grit used in the grinder makes the overall process hassle-free for you and painless for your furry friend.
  4. The grinder and trimmer offer 6 hours of constant service after you have charged it for once.
  5. The USB port for charging makes the whole unit quite versatile for use.

Oster Dog Nail Grinder

The Oster dog nail grinder is an affordable item and can come with different rotation speeds depending upon the hardness of the nail and the size of the dog. It works for nearly all breeds of dogs.


  1. The battery-powered, wireless grinder can run for 4 hours on a single charge.
  2. The coarse stone grinder is perfect for grinding dog nails.
  3. The versatility makes it usable even for cat nails occasionally.
  4. The ergonomic design makes it easy to use and handle.
  5. It comes with a filing tube where the cut nails are stored.


These were the top 5 nail grinders of 2021 available in the market, which you can use your pets to keep happy.