Tips For First Time Cat Owners

Are you a cat owner? Is it your first cat ever? If you answered “yes”, keep reading. Also, congratulations on getting your new feline friend.

This is the beginning of what could be a beautiful relationship between you and your furry friend. They are the perfect member of your family. And yes, they can be quite fun to play with.

Plus, cats are interesting creatures to watch. They can perform all kinds of unpredictable, zany actions that will make you laugh, shock you, and shake your head while chuckling. With that said, you should follow the tips below so you can make sure that your cat lives a long healthy life and is a joy to have in your family.

Let’s get right to it:

1. Commemorate Your “Gotcha”

What’s a good way to commemorate the “gotcha day” of your new addition? We have an idea. How about one of those Woof Love Custom Pet Blankets. Upload a picture of your pet and they will show up on a blanket that you can hang up on the wall or sleep with every night.

In fact, you might end up getting customized pet items with their face on them. Imagine replacing the famous Mona Lisa face with a custom replica of your cat. That will get your house guests and members of your family laughing each time they see it.

2. Have plenty of scratch-friendly toys

One of the bad habits that you cat can adopt is scratching and clawing at furniture. And this can cause some damage to them. With that in mind, it would be smart to have a few toys that your cats will play with.

They can scratch and claw through those instead of your furniture or any kind of soft material items in your house. The more toys you can get them, the better.

3. Set up their litter box

A litter box is essential. Especially when they go to the bathroom like us humans. It’s important to place it in an area that is easily accessible for cats.

For example, a bathroom or a spare room that doesn’t get used much will be a good place to have it set up. It’s also important to get cat litter that reduces the amount of odors as well.

Plus, you’ll need to change it on a regular basis (like once a week).

4. Make regular vet appointments

Whether they are indoor or outdoor cats, making sure they see the vet regularly is a must. Make sure they get their shots, get their checkups, and ensure that they are living a healthy lifestyle.

Things can go wrong healthwise for cats regardless of age. Also, you’ll want to follow any advice the vet may give you if concerns about your cat’s health were to arise.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a first time cat owner, these are four tips that you should take to heart. Being the owner of a cat doesn’t have to be complicated. Take great care of them and they will take care of you in return.

Cats tend to live a long time, so it’s important to make sure they are living a life that is healthy and active. You’d also be surprised by how spry they can be when they reach their senior years.