The Ideal and Healthy Diet for a Rottweiler

Rottweilers were initially bred so they could drive cattle to the nearest markets. Later on, they helped pull carts for the butchers and became honorary members of the military and police. But most importantly, they are loyal friends to their family, and they are excellent guardians too. Learn more about rottweilers in this link here.

However, it’s worth noting that they are not for novice families and pet parents. These canines are pretty intense and strong, and they need plenty of training. They are preferably for owners who have a lot of experience in dogs to get consistent care. When they know who the boss inside the home is, these pet dogs will be a faithful and intelligent friend for life.

About these Canine’s Diets

About these Canine’s Diets

As a pet parent, it’s natural for you to want your dog to be healthy and happy, and to achieve this, you need to be mindful of their diet. Check out the Hungry Bark for more information about the food suitable for them and get expert advice on how to take care of your furry friends properly. A healthy and nutritious diet coupled with exercise can help your canine live its life to the fullest.

Know that these canines are carnivores, and their primary diet is meat. If you’re going for a bag of their food, one of the primary ingredients that you may see is grains. This is because most meats are often expensive, and most pet parents substitute them with grains. These are possible for some companies to cut down the overall costs of manufacturing as well.

It’s essential to make sure that your Rottweiler is consuming meat primarily into its diet to control their weight and keep them healthy. Usually, the cheaper the varieties you choose, the more preservatives, grains, and chemicals are mixed as substitutes. On the other hand, you can’t always be sure with expensive food, though. Pricey does not always guarantee that they are better options for your canine.

Always read the ingredients and the labels before deciding to buy. You can tell if a product is suitable for your pet when the main ingredient is meat. There should be labels that say something about turkey, herring, chicken, or beef meals. Never give them wheat, soy, and corn if you want to feed your canine with proper food.

The Rottweiler will also need lots of proteins in their food so they can always feel full. The adult ones should have about 20% to 25% of protein servings. Their puppies should have at least 24% to 29% servings of protein in a day.

This high-protein diet will keep your canine from medical issues like obesity. The proteins are usually excreted through their kidneys, and they are not usually stored as fats. The puppies may need more in their diet because they are growing. They needed that extra percentage for building strength and developing muscles,

If this can’t be avoided, only a tiny amount of fat should be eaten in a day but avoid those products that list them as animal fats. Instead, select the ones that are made up of beef or chicken fat. The healthy amount of fat content is about 12 to 15% for adult Rottweilers and 12% to19% for the puppies.

Similar to the case of proteins, the pups need more because they need to have higher energy and grow. Other ingredients to avoid include artificial colors, sugar, and chemical preservatives. It’s best to give organic and pure food since the ones mentioned don’t have any nutritional value in them. The preservatives may even be harmful to your pet if consumed in larger doses.

Why Aim for a Healthy Diet for your Rottweiler?

Why Aim for a Healthy Diet for your Rottweiler

There are several benefits of feeding your canine, and everything is pretty simple. The result is a healthier and happier pet in many ways than one. When you feed your furry friend with something nutritious that they love, they will have more appetite.

Overall, they will have more energy, have fewer medical problems, and won’t become overweight. If you’re not feeding your pet properly, now that they may always sulk at the corner and become sluggish. With proper nutrition, their bodies are leaner, and they become more energetic. The food they are eating is evident on their coats and skin.

The best foods will make their coats shinier, and they can prevent flaking on their skins. Their weight looks normal, and your veterinarian will find nothing wrong with them. When they have lesser ailments, this will also mean a decreased visit to the vet.

The Dangers of Unhealthy Food

You might not be properly feeding your Rottweiler and know that this can make them sicklier. These breeds are prone to issues with obesity, and they can become fat in no time. When they have more body mass, it can be difficult for them to move. You should avoid overfeeding them or avoid giving them lots of treats.

When they are obese, they may be unenthusiastic with life, and they become lazy. These breeds are not especially thrilled when you ask them to walk outside, and they will slump on the couch, not caring about anything. To sum this all up, here are a few points to remember:

  • Just purchase dog food that’s ideal for the diet of a Rottweiler
  • The treats should be low in fat, but they should have higher protein content.
  • The number one ingredient should be meat, and there should not be any grain substitutes.
  • Expensive food like produced meals may contain ingredients that are useless but harmful to your furry friend.
  • Always do your research and check the ingredients before you purchase a specific brand.
  • Stick to the healthy ones to the Rottweiler, but also make sure that they enjoy their diets.
  • Always remember that the benefits of feeding them healthier foods include helping them live a happier and longer life, and they deserve all the care in the world.