The Best Bluetooth Pet Trackers

There are many types, shapes, and sizes when it comes to pet trackers and each of them offers different features. One of the newest addition to the types of pet trackers is the Bluetooth pet tracker. These are usually small tags that you can attach to your pet’s collar. They can also be used to track other things aside from your pets.

Bluetooth technology gives pet trackers a more stable connection and smaller power consumption. Most of the Bluetooth trackers in the market are also relatively cheap compared to other types of pet trackers. However, they have limited range which usually is a maximum of 200 feet. This is because they depend on the strength of the Bluetooth signal between your device and the tracker.

Most Bluetooth trackers make sounds or rings when you search for them using a certain device like your smartphone. They can also offer you a geo-fencing feature, allowing you to set up multiple areas where you receive notification about your pet’s activity. Also, all Bluetooth trackers offer community help. This means that they allow you to anonymously ask other tracker users for help when your pet’s tracker gets disconnected from your device.

Bluetooth pet trackers are best for those who have pets that stay in limited, everyday spaces, or for pets that do not usually go out the house or yard. If you’re looking for a Bluetooth pet tracker, here are some of the best ones we’ve found that you may like.

Where to Buy
Sunny & Lucky Bluetooth Smart Pet Finder
Pawscout Bluetooth Pet Tracker
Nutale Focus Bluetooth Key Finder Smart Tracker – Kids, Pet, Dog, Car Key, Wallet Tracker
Calerix Bluetooth Pet Tracker
LDCX Pet Finder, Key Finder, Wireless Phone Rechargeable Bluetooth Item Locator GPS Tracker
The Lotus Store Bluetooth Pet Locator Set

1. Sunny & Lucky Bluetooth Smart Pet Finder

This smart Bluetooth tracker is helpful in locating your pets inside the house or the yard and even in finding other items such as keys and wallets. It also features an alarm whenever the tracker and your phone are separated.

This Bluetooth smart finder operates using an app that is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. It can cover distances up to 75 feet or 22 meters without barriers. It has an intelligent search function where you can locate your pet via digital display. It will also provide you a last seen pin-drop in map via its app to let you know where your pet is.

This pet tracker has a compact size and a lightweight design. It also consumes low energy and is very handy.

2. Pawscout Bluetooth Pet Tracker

This is a community pet finder that is made especially for cats and dogs. It works on an app where you can mark your pet as lost. It will then alert all Pawscouters who will come near your pet, for about 300 feet. It can also send you notifications about your pet’s location when they come within range of anyone with the Pawscout app.

You can also record in this tracker your pet’s medical information, as well as photos and your contact details. It also has an outdoor virtual pet leash that will send you notifications when your pet strays from your yard or when they go out of your home.

3. Nutale Focus Bluetooth Key Finder Smart Tracker – Kids, Pet, Dog, Car Key, Wallet Tracker

This Bluetooth tracker was built with six functionalities in one touch. You can use this not only to locate your pets but also to track the location of your car key, wallet, phone, kid, and it also has an Anti-Lost alarm reminder capability.  To activate this smart tracker, you should install the Nut app first which you can download in Google Play and Apple Store. Once activated, your phone will alarm the moment that the tracker goes beyond the Bluetooth connection range. The app would automatically record the location where the key finder was disconnected from your phone to help you find your pets, kids, and other valuable belongings. Another best feature of this tracker is that it only requires a low-energy battery that you can use for 10 months. 

4. Calerix Bluetooth Pet Tracker

This Bluetooth pet tracker is app-enabled and it uses your phone for two-way security. It has an anti-lost mode where your device will beep if the distance between the tracker and your phone surpasses the tracking range. For example, if the tracker is attached to your pet’s collar and he walks too far away from your phone, the tracker will alert you. And alternatively, you can also use your phone to locate your pet.

This is a great tracker for pets that don’t usually go out the house or yard because it will alert you if they do so. It is designed with a convenient hole that can be easily hooked into pet collars and other items that you want to track. It also has a GPS tracking system that is great for finding pets which have wandered out of your sight when you go out, for example, to the park.

5. LDCX Pet Finder, Key Finder, Wireless Phone Rechargeable Bluetooth Item Locator GPS Tracker

With just one click, you can activate the LDCX Item Key Smart Finder to locate your pets, wallets, purses, cameras bikes, mobile phones, and any other of your personal items. This tracker works perfectly with the GoFinder App which you can download through the provided QR code or you can get the said app directly from the App Store and Google Play.

This item comes with a 120mah rechargeable battery which you don’t need to install manually. The battery’s charging time is just 2 hours and you can already use it straight for 3 months.

6. The Lotus Store Bluetooth Pet Locator Set

This is a smart Bluetooth and a GPS tracker in one. One package includes 4 wireless tracker tags in different colors such as black, white, green, and pink, which is best if you want to track more than one pet or other items in your home.

By downloading and installing its app, you will be able to keep track of your pets through your smartphone. This tracker can pin drop the location of your pets, and other items that you want to find. It can even help you trace your car in the parking lot.

These are some of the best Bluetooth pet trackers we can recommend. These trackers are great for tracking small pets. They are very convenient to use and perfect for those who are on a budget but want to keep an eye on their pet’s activities.

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