Guide to Pet Rabbit Breeds

Guide to Pet Rabbit Breeds

Rabbits are adorable creatures, and they make great pets, as well. They can become part of the family, just like dogs and cats. However, they are sensitive animals, making them best suited to teenagers and adults. Little kids can also enjoy having them as pets, as long as there‚Äôs parental supervision. Did … Read more

Famous Fictional Rabbits

Easter Bunnies

Rabbits, when made anthropomorphic in fiction, are usually depicted as rascals. The naughty rabbit is a popular motif, but this animal is also associated with various characteristics, just as some of the famous fictional rabbits listed below: 1. Peter Rabbit First, he ate some lettuce and French Beans, and then he ate … Read more

Things You Didn’t Know about the Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny

An Easter celebration won’t be complete without the Easter bunny. If you’d think you know enough about your furry Easter buddy, er, bunny, check out some interesting facts that may make your heart leap in surprise! 1. The origins of the Easter and the Easter bunny are doubtful, and thus are still … Read more

Interesting Facts About Rabbits


Rabbits are one of the popular animals kept as pets. Aside from looking adorable, they are generally clean animals that are easy to train and housebreak. If you decide to own one, stop at this article first and read some more fascinating and interesting facts about rabbits, including where to find the … Read more