Caring For A Pet With Special Needs

Caring For A Pet With Special Needs

A dog’s life does not end simply because he or she is paralyzed. Because of their loving owners, many disabled dogs have healthy and happy lives. Continue reading to learn how to care for your paralyzed dog so that they can live to their full potential. Have A Routine Establishing a regular … Read more

Tips for bathing a fussy pet

bathing a fussy pet

Bath time at home can be a pleasant bonding activity for you and your pet. However, it can instantly turn messy if your pet is fussy and constantly trying to get away from the wash area. If you’re hoping to avoid chasing after your soaking wet pet the next time you wash … Read more

9 Beautiful Ideas for a Pet Memorial Service

pet memorial

Pets are a loving part of our family, and in the United States alone, 67% of households own a pet. That’s about 85 million families. If you love your fur baby, then you’ll want to have a beautiful pet memorial to honor their life. While you might think that planning the perfect … Read more

Teach your children valuable life lessons by adopting a pet!

Teach your children valuable life lessons by adopting a pet

Having a family is one of the most blissful feelings. Why “One of the most” and not “The most”? The reason being is that the news of adding another member into the family is another blissful feeling that is incomparable. Yes! You are right! We are talking about the feeling of becoming … Read more

How to Care for Your Dog’s Ears

person holding a dog’s ears

If you have pet dogs, you’re probably spending a lot of time and effort taking care of them. To keep your dog healthy, it is essential to feed them proper food, enough water, and as well as regular exercise. If you’re a new dog owner, there are Best Dog Blogs that you … Read more

Guide to Owning a Bearded Dragon Lizard


Bearded dragons or also called as beardies are medium-sized reptiles that are native in Australia. They are considered good pets, and they are even suitable for beginner reptile owners. However, they do have a complex environmental and nutritional requirement. Aside from that, bearded dragons also need some time and specialized equipment to … Read more

Guide to Owning a Leopard Gecko


The leopard gecko is one of the most popular beginner’s reptile. This type of gecko is a small lizard, comes in different colors, and it is easily handled because they are small. Usually, leopard geckos are white in color, and it is spotted with black dots. The leopard gecko’s hatchlings usually start … Read more

Guide to Owning the Uromastyx Spiny Tailed Lizard


The spiny-tailed lizard or also known as the mastigure, uromastyces, or dabb lizard, is not an ordinary pet. This is because of tight trade regulations, and only a few countries permit the export of this reptile, which is why it is hard to acquire. If you are lucky to find one, then … Read more