Pet Food Palatants: Enhancing Your Pet’s Dining Experience

Pet Food Palatants

What Are Pet Food Palatants? Pet food palatants are additives used in pet food products to enhance their taste and aroma. Essentially, they are the secret ingredient that makes your pet’s kibble or canned food irresistible. Palatants are designed to appeal to a pet’s highly developed senses of taste and smell, making … Read more

How to Keep Your Dog Healthy: 13 Top Tips for a Happy, Healthy Dog

Healthy Dog

Any pet owner will tell you dogs don’t live close to long enough. Although your dog’s lifespan will vary, the average is eleven years for small and medium dogs. Large breed dogs only live an average of eight years. During their short lives, you want to keep your dog happy and healthy. Keeping your … Read more

Guide to Storing Pet Food

It is important to keep your dog well-fed with fresh and nutritious food. But you have to be careful and ensure that their food stays fresh. Dogs don’t have discerning palettes like ours – they can eat a month-old food by the sidewalk and still think that it’s a perfectly acceptable food. … Read more

Human Foods Cats Can (and Can’t) Eat

Human Foods Cats Can (and Can't) Eat

In this article, we are going to feature certain human foods that are safe and otherwise harmful for your pet cat. Cat owners, in particular, may want to share everything they have with their beloved felines, including the food they eat. But just as the same as with dogs, cats cannot eat … Read more

Human Foods Dogs Can (and Can’t) Eat

Human Foods Dogs Can (and Can't) Eat

Most of us dog owners love our furry friends too much that we tend to share our things with them, including the food that we eat. See those puppy dog eyes that silently scream “feed me!” every time you take a bite of your food? You can’t help but give in to … Read more

Interesting Facts about Pet Food

Interesting Facts about Pet Food

Here are the interesting facts you need to know about pet food. Some of these little-known facts may surprise you!  A lot of pet food manufacturers claim that a raw diet is never good for pet dogs and cats, further saying that nutritional content in a raw diet is hard to assess. … Read more