Must-Have Accessories When Riding a Horse

Must-Have Accessories When Riding a Horse

If you have decided that you wanted to ride a horse, one of the things you need to consider is its tack. Tack includes the items that a rider needs to actually ride the horse, such as the bridle, saddle, bit, reins, stirrups, saddle pad, cinch, and many others.  As a beginner … Read more

How to Prevent Horses from Destroying a Vegetable Garden

Vegetable garden

There’s nothing more exciting than reaping the harvest of the plants you’ve sown. Gardening is a fun and engaging hobby – not to mention it gives you delicious and nutritious rewards. However, gardening can also be fickle, especially if you have a horse stable nearby, and they realize how tasty your produce … Read more

Can You Keep Pigs and Horses in the Same Pasture?

Can You Keep Pigs and Horses in the Same Pasture

If you are a farmer or horse enthusiast, you may be wondering if it is possible to keep pigs and horses in the same pasture. The answer to this question is yes, but there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the … Read more

7 Facts About Horses That’ll Blow Your Mind

7 Facts About Horses That'll Blow Your Mind

Did you know that horses have existed for over 55 million years? Although the first horses looked a lot different from the ones we know today, no one can deny that they’re fascinating creatures. Have you always wanted to learn more about horses? Keep reading for 7 unique facts about horses that … Read more

Equipment Needed to Start Riding Horses


Horseback riding is also known as equestrianism. It is the skill of riding, driving, or vaulting with horses. Some people ride horses for different purposes such as work, transportation, and recreational activities. Before deciding to ride a horse or take riding lessons, you need to know first the equipment needed. Having the … Read more

Interesting Facts About Horses

Interesting Facts About Horses

Apart from dogs, horses also deserve to be called a man’s best friend. They have been used as draft animals. They have won and lost alongside man in many wars and battles, as well as sports competitions. And they have accompanied man in his many outdoor adventures. Here are some more interesting … Read more