Maximum Care for Your Dogs

Maximum Care for Your Dogs

Your dog should always be given a lot of love and attention to make sure they live the best life they’ll ever have. Most dog owners would set expenses for their dogs and list out all of the things they need, such as food, treatment, medicines, supplies, etc. There are numerous dog … Read more

3 Helpful Tips for a First-Time Dog Owner

5 Helpful Tips for a First-Time Dog Owner

Getting a dog for the first time can be a challenging task for adults and children alike. Start off well with these helpful tips for a first-time dog owner More than half of American dog owners say they would rather chill with their canine companion than with their human friends. If you’re … Read more

How to Keep Your Dog Healthy: 13 Top Tips for a Happy, Healthy Dog

Healthy Dog

Any pet owner will tell you dogs don’t live close to long enough. Although your dog’s lifespan will vary, the average is eleven years for small and medium dogs. Large breed dogs only live an average of eight years. During their short lives, you want to keep your dog happy and healthy. Keeping your … Read more

What is Hip Dysplasia in Dogs and How Can It Be Managed?


Hip dysplasia is not something that pet owners necessarily know anything about until their dog or a friend’s pooch develops a swaying gait or a sensitive pelvis and needs a diagnosis. It’s only then that they may hear the term ‘hip dysplasia’. In this article, we touch on what it is and … Read more

CBD for Dogs: 5 Research Backed Health Benefits

CBD for Dogs: 5 Research Backed Health Benefits

CBD oil, also known as cannabidiol, is a compound found in hemp, a non-psychoactive plant in the cannabis family. Because it doesn’t cause any impairment or “high” it has been the focus of dozens of medical studies and identified as a potential therapy for many disorders and symptoms. Although veterinary research on … Read more

Can Carrying a Puppy Harm It?

Can Carrying a Puppy Harm It

When you have a new puppy, it is really tempting to always carry it around because of its cuteness. But have you ever wondered how puppies feel when you carry them? Do you think carrying them can cause them harm? Well, carrying a puppy can harm it when it’s not done properly. … Read more

Muzzles: Are They Still for Today?

dog with muzzle

In the past, dogs that wear muzzles are often misunderstood as bad or aggressive and they are sometimes scary for some people. Also, the idea of putting a muzzle on your dog can be unsettling because you might wonder if it can breathe, drink, or pant. But muzzles are still for today … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Chaining a Dog Outside

Chained dog

Chaining a dog outside for some people is fine because after all, dogs enjoy getting outside and having them on a leash is the only way to keep them from running away. However, even though they have good intentions behind this act, there are other people who find it not a very … Read more

Tips for Choosing a Puppy from a Shelter

Tips for Choosing a Puppy from a Shelter

Getting a new puppy to take care of is really exciting because you will have a new addition to your family that will give happiness and entertainment. Instead of purchasing one, it’s better to adopt a puppy from a shelter. However, when you choose to adopt a shelter puppy, you will have … Read more