Puppy Tips: 5 Pro Tips on Training Your Puppy

Puppy training is essential for all dog owners. Here are 5 pro puppy tips on training your puppy efficiently.

Bringing home a new puppy is a lot like having a baby; you have a new creature that needs to be fed, cared for, and taught house rules. Training your puppy will make your dog happier in the long run. Dogs like structure, pack rules, and consistency.

Just like with kids, training your dog right is easier said than done. There is plenty of advice, but what are the most important puppy tips for your new pet?

Are you planning to add a puppy to the family, or looking for guidance on your new dog? Read on for the important pro tips for a happy dog and happy family. Also, we advise you to check out the link and avail of the best puppy training school gold coast.

5 Puppy Tips for Training Your New Dog

Many people picture their new dog doing all sorts of tricks. However, there are certain ground rules you need to set. Here are five important tips for training your new dog right.

1. Be consistent

Decide on house rules before you bring a puppy home. Will you let her on the couch or on your bed? Will she eat before the family or after?

Like a toddler, your puppy needs consistency. Don’t “bend the rules” for your dog just because you don’t feel like following them that day, or as a treat. Your puppy will respond positively to having clear boundaries.

2. Give Your Puppy His Own Space

Whether it’s a crate, a dog bed, or simply a delineated space in the house, giving your dog his own space is a valuable tool. Give your puppy a space of his own that no other pets or family members use. He will find solace and calm in this space.

It’s important to note that you should not use this space as a place of punishment. You want your dog to associate calm and positive feelings with his private den.

You may need to train the puppy to accept the crate or bed. Remember, though, dogs can be trained, it may take a bit of time. Laika, the first dog in space and other dogs, were trained to accept being placed into smaller spaces while preparing for the journey.

3. Teach Her to Come When Called

Once you’ve named your puppy, reinforce the name by calling her by that and nothing else. It’s tempting to call your dog “sweetheart” or “fluff cheeks” or other nicknames. Resist this temptation until your dog fully understands her name.

Teaching your dog to respond to her name and come to you when called is rule number one in how to train a puppy. This skill is so important for your dog to master. Once you’ve established this skill, your alpha status will be established, making further training easier.

4. Use Positive Reinforcement

Just like with raising a child, responding to their good behavior sends stronger signals than punishment for wrongdoing. Punishment can be confusing for an animal who doesn’t understand cause and effect, so it’s not as powerful a tool as the reward system.

When you use treats and praise to acknowledge your puppy’s success, he has a much better chance of reinforcing his good behavior. Your dog wants to please you as the alpha member of the family, so it will also make him more comfortable in his status as part of the pack.

5. Discourage Jumping

Puppies are inclined to jump up at you or guests when they are excited. The best thing to do is ignore the behavior until the dog calms down, and then acknowledge them.

Get Started Today

Your new puppy is counting on you to create a structured and loving environment. Use these puppy tips to create the right setting for a happy and healthy puppy. Your whole family will benefit!