Pigeon Supplies for the Discriminating Fancier

Pigeon breeding, or pigeon fancying as it’s sometimes called, can be a good hobby that involves a great deal of both passion and patience. It also requires some particular supplies.

You probably don’t have to lie around the house or in your garage. This guide will help you with your pigeon supply needs, whether you’re looking to start with pigeons or expand your existing collection to add new colors and varieties to your flocks.

Why you need pigeon supplies

Pigeons are a popular choice of hobbyists. Whether domesticated or wild, pigeons have fantastic qualities that make them great pets. Their intelligence, agility, and unique personalities make them enjoyable to own. However, there is much more to owning a pigeon than just letting it fly around your house until you need to feed it again.

You’ll need to give it proper nutrition and maintain its living environment. Pigeon supplies include many different products that will help with these tasks. Cages can minimize exposure to illness and generally keep their environment clean and comfortable for them.

The best kinds of pigeon supplies

There is a ton of stuff you can buy for actual pigeon fanciers. The best supplies are not purchased but built by you or another fancier. Things like loft equipment and traps are excellent examples of what I mean. However, it’s also essential to ensure a good selection.

Veterinary supplies and medications as pigeons get sick, just like cats and dogs. So even if your birds are healthy and seem to be enjoying their pampered life in your pigeon loft, it’s always wise to keep some basic medical supplies on hand just in case things change overnight.

Choosing your first cage

A young pigeon first needs a place to stay. Make sure you choose a suitable cage for housing pigeons because cells for other species are usually not ideal. An excellent cage is stable and safe and has ample room and plenty of ventilation.

If you live in an area with high humidity or temperature swings, you will need to have a hygrometer in your coop to monitor these levels closely.

Where should I place my cage?

You can place the cage conveniently to get to and away from direct sunlight. You don’t want your pigeons cooped up inside their cage all day long; they need fresh air, sunshine, and room to flap their wings.

Also, there are no exposed or hanging electrical wires or hot surfaces near your pigeon’s home. You wouldn’t want them starting a fire! If you choose to keep your pigeon cage in an open area of a room.

How can I make my pigeons happy?

All domestic animals require a certain quality of care to remain healthy and happy. Pigeons are no different. If you want your pigeons to thrive, make sure you have each of these items on hand Freshwater Fresh water should be available at all times.

You may opt to use an automatic waterer or keep fresh water in containers inside and outside your coop. Water bowls must always be clean and sanitized after every use. Do not let them sit dirty or stagnant for too long, as bacteria will quickly form in standing water.