Pet Sitter And Dog Walking Services Guide In Charlotte North Carolina

A pet is one of those things that can make us incredibly happy, and aid us in our fight against loneliness and depression, even more considering the current times of COVID-19 and quarantine. 

Among the most commonly owned pets, dogs are probably the most popular. However, owning a dog involves a lot of responsibilities, responsibilities we might not be able to fulfill because of our very own obligations. 

This, to a certain extent, can heavily affect a dog’s health, considering that they can be dependant while requiring a certain level of attention. For that reason, some pet owners prefer to rely on the help of a professional capable of taking care of their pets if no one else can do it. If you live in Charlotte, North Carolina, this Queen City Pet Sitting service might be the best solution for your problems.

If you are still in doubt about why a dog might need pet sitting and walking services, make sure to continue reading this article since we will cover most of the important aspects related to dog care, and how a professional can help you with them.

First of All, Dogs Need Attention and Love

Dogs are very social animals. They do require a certain level of attention, love, and socialization to be happy. If they don’t, they might end up suffering from depression, which greatly affects their physical health. The longer they spend depressed, the worse it will be for them.

Among the most common symptoms of depression, we can find: 

  • Lack of appetite
  • Chaotic or destructive behavior 
  • Social stances
  • Aggressiveness towards unknown people and animals

They might also move much less, and even reject going outside or playing even with their owners.  However, a pet sitter might be able to help with this since they will become like their second owners. 

The more you hire the same person, the better it will be. It is not recommended to hire different people, since this might cause dissonance in trust. But if your pet is really sociable and enjoys company, as long as the sitters are trustable, you can hire whoever you want. It is always better to have one or two sitters at most. Just make sure you are hiring a reputable service! 

Most Dogs Require Exercise

Dogs are very energetic animals, and they can store a lot of energy. If this energy is not spent, it can cause them to act erratic and destructive and even cause them problems with their weight. Being overweight can affect a dog in many different ways, increasing the chances of suffering from diseases. 


Even senior dogs require a certain level of exercise, but they can take things with more ease because of their age. The benefits of walks are incredible as well, and if you are interested in more information, you should check this one article over here

It is also known that dogs do require walks to take care of their needs since in contrast to cats, dogs are more dependant when it comes to these aspects of care, and most dogs are trained to do their things outside when they are walking with their owners, so it is most certainly a need. 

A dog sitting and walking service is capable of helping you with this, and since they often have to walk several dogs, they are prepared for the task, so you don’t have to worry about incidents happening.

A Dog’s Diet and Needs

As mentioned earlier, dogs have many needs and making sure that your dog is receiving enough food while also eating the right things, is one of them. Taking care of a dog’s diet is an important responsibility since poor diets are the main reason behind overweight or malnutrition.

Some dogs require exercise and playtime as well, and although walks can certainly provide some physical benefits to a dog, some dogs need to spend more energy, and a good way to do so is by playing. 

Playing can even be done at home if the dog is small, but playing is better done outside when it comes to big dogs. Sitters can also take care of this, as long as you instruct them to do it.

Good Choice to Deal With Separation Anxiety

Overall, a sitter is there to make sure that your dog is safe, comfortable, happy, and not making a mess. For some dogs, having company is necessary to avoid the latter, just because they might suffer from something known as separation anxiety. 

Separation anxiety is a specific type of anxiety that is related to the level of attention your dog might require, as well as its behavior when it is left alone, usually involving a really erratic behavior that results in damages and messes all over your place. 

Pets that are rescued, adopted or that suddenly change owners tend to suffer from separation anxiety, but it is something that can happen to any pet, mostly dogs and cats. There’s also a chance that the loss of a family member or another pet can cause this. 

Pets that suffer from separation anxiety are usually very clingy and get desperate when left alone. Some of them suffer from anxiety when their owners leave them, so they might need to get used to a sitter if that’s the case. You can find some hints about this specific trait over


The best way to approach this situation depends on the severity of the problem. If the problem is not too severe, you might use CBD-based treats or oil to help your dog remain relaxed when you are not around. If the problem is too serious, the help of CBD treats and a sitter work incredibly well, but you also need to put some effort into the process of getting your dog accustomed to the idea of your absence. 

To do this, you will have to train your dog to be alone, and slowly increase the amount of time the dog will remain alone until it is comfortable with it. This process can take time but is the best way of approaching it!