How to Remove Pet Hair

Pets, we love them. At times we can even love them more than our children, siblings, parents and even ourselves. We also tend to spoil them to the point where we treat them almost like they are people. They can have their own beds, play area, special food, sleep with us and head out on vacation with us.

But there is always that one special reminder they aren’t human – shedding and dander.   No matter what breed of a dog or cat you have they will shed their fur or at best they will carry dander, dust and other things in their hair. So as pet owners and lovers we have to deal with this all the time. And because they are with us 24/7, their pet hair can end up everywhere in the household, even our vehicles.

Commercially there are hundreds of products that we can waste money but that costs money and some of these products don’t work that well. Below are some helpful tips on how you can remove pet hair from your house, furniture and cars.

1. Fabric Softener – Spray or dampen a cloth with a mixture of fabric softener and water. This can be used to prep the areas with pet hair before removing them using any other methods.

2. Lint Removers – These are usually used to remove lint that attaches on clothes, especially black garments. However, they can also be useful in picking up your pet hair from your clothes and other cloth-like surfaces. The downside to this is after one swipe, you have to remove the sheet and move on to the next. This can might prove to be costly in the long run if your pets have excessive shedding.

3. Rubber Brooms

Rubber Brooms – The rubber bristles cause static energy which causes fur and pet hair to stick to its surface and can then be cleaned off.

4. Rubber Soles – Similar to the rubber broom, use a pair of shoes with rubber soles. Drag your foot along the rug or carpet and watch all the hair bunch up. Simply lift up the hair and bin it.

5. Inflated balloon – Inflate a balloon and rub it across the surface that has pet hair on. The static on the balloon’s surface will attract the hair which you can collect and then re-use the balloon to get more hair.

6. Latex gloves/ Rubber gloves/ Gardening gloves – Put it on and rub the surface of the gloves. The static caused by the rubbing motion will make the pet hairs stick to the gloves.

7. Masking tape – This is a well-known technique. Just grab a piece of tape and press it down and upon the area with fur/pet hair and you will see that it grabs the fur plus other dust or dirt. It is a relatively cheap solution.

8. Velcro Curlers – Because of the tiny bristle-like material that the Velcro is made up of it easily catches fur or pet hair. The ones with a metal inner form can even bend to reach corners.

9. Squeegees – This home tool is designed to clean and scrape wet surfaces such as windows or floors, however, this is also an excellent tool to use when scraping pet hair from your chairs, sofas. This is due to the flat rubberized surface on the other end of the tool. The other side is a handle which gives you a perfect grip for cleaning or scraping things up. as you glide the squeegee on the surface of the area with pet hair, it clumps up the pet hair and it will be easier for you to pick them up or your vacuum to suck the dirt into the machine.

10. Pet Care – Daily brushing and feeding your pet skin and coat supplement can do wonders for shedding. Check if your pet suffers from any allergies. Untreated allergies on dogs often shed and dander on furniture.

11. Pet Diet – A good diet will significantly reduce your pet’s shedding and help prevent flaking skin and hair loss related to improper nutrition. Dogs should not be given bathes more than once in a month or else they will shed more because the skin becomes dry.

12. Prevention – It may seem obvious but is worth pointing out, keep your personal things (clothes, shoes etc.) in an area isolated from your pets.

13. Vacuum Cleaners – With its high-power motor this can possibly be the best tool that one can use to clean pet hair. The suction it creates pulls the hair and dander into the vacuum for disposal. Their vacuums designed to be more effective with pet hair and there are also portal ones for use in cars and other hard to get to places.