How to Prepare Your Home for a New Puppy

Did you stop when you saw that “French Bulldog puppies for sale” sign and now you can’t get the thought of a new puppy bouncing around out of your head? Well, before you bring a new furry friend home, you need to take a second to stop and think. 

After all, bringing a puppy home to a house ill-equipped to deal with the puppy could result in a lot of damage to your house, or worse, injure the puppy. So what can you do to remedy the situation?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our guide to preparing your home for a new puppy! But first, the residents of the home should prepare too…

Prep Your Family

Before the puppy comes home, make sure all the members of your family know what the situation is and how to deal with it. If you have small children, talk to them about what a puppy is like and try to get them comfortable with dogs (like meeting some in-person). 

It’s also important to make sure they know how to handle a dog. Small children can easily squeeze or grab a dog too hard without realizing it, which could hurt either the dog or the child (if the dog reacts aggressively). 

Stock Up On Supplies

Something else you should prepare before bringing a dog home is ensuring you have bowls for food and water, as well as a type of food that works with their diet. Some dogs have food allergies, while others could require a special diet while still in their infancy. Check with the breeder or a veterinarian to find out.

Dog brushes and shampoo are another essential, as clean fur is a critical step towards keeping your pup happy and healthy. Cleaning supplies for any messes they will make are also needed, as is some form of dog bed and toys. 

Remove Hazards

To prevent your puppy from chewing anything you don’t want them to, make sure to lift valuables like shoes or books off the ground where they can’t reach. Keep the wires for electrical equipment like your TV and kitchen supplies up off the ground too, as they pose an electrocution risk if chewed. 

You can also use dog gates to bar pets off from certain areas of your home until they are older. A general rule of thumb is to either remove or move any object a puppy could fit into its mouth.

Set House Rules For the New Puppy And Don’t Relent

Finally, sit down with your family and draft out a set of house rules the puppy must follow. It will take time to train them, but do your best to enforce these rules at all times. Flip-flopping on these will confuse your puppy, who won’t know when a rule is serious and when it’s not, which could lead to discipline issues.

The Joy of Puppies

And there you have it! Now that you know all about how to prep your home for a new puppy, you’re ready to experience that joy soon! Should you need tips and tricks for taking care and training your new puppy, make sure to read the other articles on our blog!