How to Keep Your Pet Protected from Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is being so popular these days and has threatened the world so badly especially the COVID-19. Traveling around the world is stopped. Various flights to Perth, US, UK, UAE, infected everywhere in the world are highly affected. The virus is infecting humans badly and even transferring from person to person. Coronavirus is mostly found in domestic animals like dogs, cats, cattle, horses, bats, camels, etc. Pet owners in this situation must be worried since pets are our emotional support. If you are one of them and had adopted a pet from whether from some pet shop was gifted with one then you must know that in pet animals mostly the canine respiratory coronavirus is detected but the COVID-19, is not detected in the pets yet and there is no evidence found that they are getting infected. But it is said by the doctors that giving your pets especially the dogs against coronavirus will not prevent them against COVID-19, because it’s a general vaccine to fight against other viruses.

Spreading of Virus from animals to humans

The coronavirus can be transferred easily from animals to human individuals. Especially the bats can transfer the viruses to humans and other wild as well as domestic animals.

The investigations tell that the strain of coronavirus that is COVID-19 is transmitted from the bats through mammals in the humans.

The suggestion about COVID-19 in animals, or will it be transferable?

As per the researches done in the World Health Organization, there is no COVID-19 found in pets especially dogs and cats, and there are fewer chances that they will be ill due to this virus

According to the World Health Organization, it was observed in February 2020, there is no evidence to suggest that dogs or cats have become ill with this virus or will become a source of infection of COVID-19 in other animals or humans. Even this virus is recognized in the dog but he didn’t show any illness symptoms and the virus in him was transmitted from his owner because he was infected with this virus. It is believed that it is actually a virus that is transmitted from humans to animals. It’s true that sometimes the viruses infect the whole species but do not cause infection in them. It’s still assured that the animals do not pass viruses to humans. If there is no one at your place who is infected with the virus Covid-19 and your pet never used to interact with other animals as well then there will be very fewer chances for the pets to get infected. But if you are infected with the Covid-19 then try to interact less with the pets and other animals. And try to assign the duty to look after your pet to another person at your home. Highly avoid your interaction with the pets even patting, nuzzling, osculated, etc.

If you are still interacting with the pet then use the face masks and wash the hands before and after touching any animal. It’s even necessary for everyday health cases to wash hands otherwise it can cause agents like E. coli bacteria and Salmonella mostly. One more important thing to consider here is that if you are planning to travel abroad with your pet with legitimate emotional support animal registration then you must ponder upon if the travel is really necessary or not because it may harm you and your pet as well. Try to avoid travel in such a situation.

Are any vaccinations available to avoid Covid-19 in pets?

Presently there is no such vaccine formed which can save a human or animals from the Covid-19. But it is expected to have the vaccine for the cure from Corona Virus would be accessible within 12-18 months.

Tips to keep protecting your pet from CoronaVirus

Here are the few tips recommended by pet care Dubai to keep pets protected from Coronavirus:

  • Precautionary measures should be taken for pets similar to the ones taken in common flu.

  • Try to take information from reliable sources like the World Health Organization (WHO), World Small Animal Veterinary Association (, etc.

  • If you are found with the virus of Covid-19 then try to have less contact with the humans as well as pets. And even let other people care for the pet, not you.

  • The first aid kit for the pets should be there for any accidental issues. And keep extra food safe for them for any problematic situations.

  • Make sure that the vaccines are given to the animals, even the updated ones.

  • The identification tags should be there in the pet’s collar or a microchip, which should contain the information on it to be contacted.

  • Take your pets to the veterinarian frequently.

  • Pets should be protected with masks because they don’t need it.

Guidelines are given by the World Health Organization (WHO)  

One should follow the guidelines given by the World Health Organization (WHO) that wash the hands with soap and water, avoid the tetchy face, try to cough or sneeze in the elbow part and must wash hands 20 seconds before touching the pets and after handling them.

If your pet is suffering from Covid-19

If you find your pet suffering from the virus especially the Covid-19, then firstly contact the community health workers which are involved in the patient’s taking care processes. They will direct you for further instructions.

Good to do

It’s better to keep yourself and your pets safe by avoiding open contacts with the environment as well as taking precautionary measures ordered by the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as from the state and doctors. The only cure found till yet is to keep distance either from pets or from humans to keep them safe from the CoronaVirus.