How to Choose a Pet-Friendly Bathing Product

Finding the best pet grooming products in pet stores and online shops can be challenging for most pet owners, mainly because there are so many items for them to choose from, and they also have to know if those items are suitable for their pet or not. Because of this problem, many pet owners try out different products on their pets, which is a bad thing considering that pets can sometimes have allergies to specific ingredients or mixtures added to the products.

If you are one of those that are struggling to find the perfect pet bathing products, we are here to help you have a more convenient time in looking for them. These are some tips for choosing bathing products for your pets.

Inspect Your Pet’s Skin and Coat

Before you can check out bathing products, you would first need to take a closer look at your pet’s skin and coat so that you will know your pet’s allergies or the condition of his or her skin. There are many skin conditions that you should be knowledgeable of so that you will buy a suitable bathing product for your pet. For pets with dry skin, it is recommended for you to get products that have moisturizing features, such as shampoo that has jojoba oil and other natural ingredients. However, not all moisturizing ingredients are suitable for dogs, and one of those that you should avoid is aloe vera, as it may cause irritation and vomiting to your pets.

As for the pet’s coat, you should also inspect if your pet’s coat is thin or thick. For thin coats, you should buy shampoo and other bathing products that are suitable for sensitive coats so that your pet won’t lose any fur during and after bathing. If your pet has a thick coat, there is a high chance that he or she may suffer from tangling fur, which can often be irritating and itchy for the pet. So, it is best to purchase products that have detangling properties so that tangled coats can loosen up and be much smoother and softer.

Judge the Packaging of the Product

The packaging of the product will determine if it will have a longer shelf life compared to the others. If the packaging is made of plastic, then there is a possibility that the product may leak because of how soft plastic can be. However, products that are in glass bottles would be much more durable since they don’t get damaged easily unless you let them fall for a few meters. So, consider the packaging of the product so that you will prevent any leakages or damages to its content. Products with great packaging may be more expensive, but they are actually cheaper in the long run since they will last longer.

a pet owner giving her pet a bath

Consider the Size of the Item

The size of the product you will buy matters, as this would indicate how long it will last before you would need to buy a new one. Most pet owners opt to purchase large containers of their favorite pet shampoo and grooming products, as they believed that they would save money from buying larger containers while also saving time going to pet stores since they don’t have to go there frequently. If you are still not sure if a specific product would be perfect for your pet, you can just buy a small version of it first and just buy the larger version if it is suitable for the coat and skin of the dog or cat.

Smell the Product’s Scent

Another aspect of the pet bathing products you should look out for is their scent, which is important considering that the smell of pets can usually be a factor in the overall smell in your home since pets and their scant can be everywhere. There are some products you can buy that have a natural scent, meaning that the smell of the product comes from the natural ingredients used to make it. On the other hand, there are also several products that have scents created through chemicals, so you have to be careful in buying these kinds of products since they may cause skin irritation for your pets. As much as possible, you should buy the ones made from natural ingredients so that your pets won’t have a severe reaction to them.

Read or Watch Reviews Online

Reading or watching reviews online will probably be the most hassle-free way for you to choose products for your pets, as these reviews will automatically tell you the advantages and drawbacks of the products that you are currently favoring over the others. These reviews would usually show you all you need to know about the product, like the ingredients used to make it, its scent, the packaging, and its results produced after being used on the reviewer’s pet. Of course, trusted reviewers wouldn’t use bad products for their pets, so no animals were harmed during the review of the product. Give these reviews a read or view if you want a faster and easier way to choose pet grooming products.

In finding pet bathing products, you would need to be careful since pets would typically have more sensitive skin than us. Not all products are compatible for your pet’s bath time, so you would really have to pinpoint which ones are the most suitable to use for washes and rinses. Follow the tips we have provided in this article to ensure that what you are going to purchase for your pet is safe and effective.