How Much Does Pet Door Installation Cost?

Nearly 64% of Americans own at least one cat or one dog. For many pet owners, finding a solution for indoor-outdoor pets is as simple as installing a pet door.

A dog or cat door allows your furry friends to come and go as they please when the pet door is unlocked. This can limit disruptions throughout your day, reduce indoor accidents, and improve your pet’s mood.

The question is, how much does installing doggy door in glass door cost? Well, it is not as expensive as you might think!

Read on to find out more about the cost of installing a dog door or cat door.

How Much Do Pet Doors Cost?

The average cost of a pet door is about $780 but it’s worth noting that the range is wide. You can find pet doors for anywhere between $100 and $2000.

What makes this price range so wide? The cost of a pet door depends on the materials and size of the door. You won’t get up into the $2000 range unless you opt for a high-end pet door with electronic locking features.

How Much Does Pet Door Installation Cost?

The cost of a pet door is only one factor to consider. When setting a budget for your new pet door, you should also consider the cost of pet door installation (aka the cost of labor).

It is usually cheapest to have a pet door installed in a glass sliding door or storm door. This may cost about $100 to $300.

If you want to install a pet door in a wall, rather than a door, expect this to cost more. These doors, called wall-mount doors, will cost at least $400 to install.

You can purchase preinstalled pet doors, usually in the form of a traditional or sliding door that already has a pet door built into it. These doors, like electronic doors, are going to cost more than your typical pet door. However, the cost to install a preinstalled pet door shouldn’t cost much more than $100 to $300.

Should You Install a Pet Door on Your Own?

As you can see, you’re going to pay more if you have your pet door professionally installed. Is it worth the savings to install a pet door yourself?

Unless you know how to install a pet door or have experience with similar projects, we don’t recommend doing it on your own. Paying $100 to $300 extra is worth it when it means that your pet door will be installed properly and function for years to come. Plus, many companies offer a reduced price for materials if you also hire them for installation.

Improve Your Experience as a Pet Owner With Pet Doors

If you have an indoor-outdoor pet, installing a pet door that gives your pet access to the yard is a great idea. We hope that our guide to the cost of pet door installation will help you build your budget for a pet door.

Want to learn more about how to train your pet to use a pet door? Wondering which pets do best with an indoor-outdoor lifestyle? Take a look around for more useful content for pet owners.