How Can I Take Care of My Dog’s Hair?

We as humans have an ongoing love affair with our canine friends! Put simply, we love dogs! We might complain when they trudge dirt into our favorite carpet, but we still love them! Dogs have been domesticated for many hundreds of years and they are popular as large, medium, and small breeds, and with something for everyone you will most likely have a breed that you prefer. For some it’s a breed they had as a family pet during childhood, while for other’s it’s just whichever is the cutest!

Either way, there is the fact that dogs do need a certain amount of maintenance. They need exercise, the right diet, and a bath every now and again when they start to become a bit smelly! So, this is why we’re going to give you some dog hair care tips. Whether you have a long-haired or short haired breed there is some care attached, so let’s have a look.

Useful Hair Care Tips

A dog’s hair depends on the breed. You may have a long-haired collie, for example, or a medium hair length Labrador. Or you could own a terrier with wiry, short hair. Each is a delight in its own right, but each need attending to. Furthermore, lately there has been a craze for the hybrid breeds such as the labradoodle and cockapoo, which are cross bred to prevent hair shedding. These need maintenance too! Where to start?

The first hair tip we will give is that you should brush your dog’s hair regularly. Get he or she used to the brushing routine and you’ll find they begin to enjoy it. It’s a bit like having your hair brushed which is not an unpleasant experience. You also need to bath your dog once in a while, and the frequency is up to you! Now getting a dog used to having a bath might not be the easiest thing, as while some enjoy it others will not! That’s all part of the joys of owning a dog!

Now if you’re going to bath your dog – use special dog shampoo as that made for us may not be suitable for the animal – you also need to dry it! The dog will do its bit by shaking, but we recommend you invest in a dog hair dryer, especially if you have a long or medium-haired dog. These are great machines that come with a long tube attached to the actual blower, so you can get all the way around the dog without a problem. There are many to choose from and you’ll find them to be an inexpensive way of making your dog’s life more enjoyable, and yours too!

More Dog Tips

There are many reasons why dogs are among the most popular pets in the USA and that’s why we need to care for them so much. One extra piece of advice we will add is that if you have a long-haired animal it may be kind to have their hair clipped or cut once every now and then. This is particularly so where small, long-haired dogs are concerned as their coat can become matted and untidy very quickly.

Find a dog groomer you like and trust and make sure the animal gets its hair done regularly, and it will start to understand that this part of its life routine. It will also make the dog feel more comfortable so is a good thing to get the animal used to it.

That’s about it for now so check out those hairdryers and ensure your dog has beautiful healthy hair every day!