Fluffy Dogs: What Are Some Top Breeds and Their Grooming Needs

Whether you own a big fluffy dog or a small one, proper grooming is essential as it enhances the fluffiness of a dog. The grooming requirements vary according to the nature and the type of dog’s breed. Such as the thickness of the coat, skin, and behavior of a dog.

A fluffy dog with dense fur catches dirt and fleas easily. A basic grooming routine must include brushing and good flea shampoo for sensitive dogs.

Besides a good quality shampoo and good quality brush is also very important for dog grooming. As it easily removes tangles, mats and enhances the fur. Listed below are some top fluffy dog breeds and some essential grooming tips for such dogs.


Coolie can be your amazing fluffy friend, but maintaining the shine and fluffiness of the fur requires proper grooming. While keeping this dog as a pet many people may arise the question, do the collies need grooming? Yes, a collie requires grooming especially the long-haired collies that need more grooming.

The grooming process is not too complicated and involves basic steps. The grooming of a collie needs brushing, washing, and drying, these simple steps make it easier to maintain the fluffiness of the collie. Another important thing that you need is a conditioner, as a Collie has dense and long fur, so brushing it when the hair is dry can cause damage to the coat.

Brushing is an essential step of grooming to keep the hair tangle-free and smooth. So, before brushing spray the conditioner to make the fur a little wet, then start brushing. The conditioner will keep the fur smooth, silky, and shiny. Moreover, brushing will help to remove mat or dust particles from the coat.


Papillon is another amazing breed of fluffy dogs that you can keep as a pet at home. The thing that makes it an ideal fluffy pet is the fact it requires lower maintenance as compared to other furry pets. This dog has a single yet longer-haired coat, which means it does not shed too much.

The grooming needs are basic and easy not too complicated. Brushing once a week with a soft slicker brush makes the fur look perfectly fine. On the other hand, giving a bath once a month is enough. But make sure to use a good quality shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin to avoid any sort of mishap.

Follow proper guidance to bath Papillon because this dog weighs only a few pounds and it has the most sensitive skin.


Pomeranians are the type of dog breeds that require a lot of and consistent grooming. A dog’s grooming depends on the size, shape, and the thickness of coat. As well as different dogs have different types of grooming needs. In the case of Pomeranian, it requires complete grooming thrice a week. It is important to prevent matting, tangling and to prevent hair loss.

Besides this, few areas that require everyday cleaning are; undereye, teeth, and bottom area. Other than that, brushing can be done for two to three weeks to prevent hair loss, keep it tangle-free and smooth. It is highly preferred to use a soft brush or comb to brush the Pomeranian’s coat.

Nails trimming, giving a bath, paws cleaning, and coat trimming can be done every 2 to 3 weeks to maintain food health as well as hygiene. If it is the first time that you are grooming your dog then you must have to follow guidance on how to groom a Pomeranian. It will make the process easier and smooth for you to groom your fluffy pet.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is one of the playful and fluffy dogs with flowing double coats. Its dense and log-haired coat makes it attractive to all the fluffy dogs. Although the coat is quite dense so it requires frequent grooming. It is one of the breeds that are high maintenance and require a proper grooming routine.

Bathing a Shih Tzu, every week will not do any harm, instead, it will be ideal in the case of this breed. Always use a shampoo that is made for dogs with sensitive skin. As this dog requires frequent bathing so a mild shampoo will be ideal.

Applying conditioner is a must after a bath to keep the fur smooth and hydrated. When the coat is dry use a metal comb to brush the hair and remove all the tangles.


The grooming and maintenance of a fluffy dog depend on the size and the thickness of the coat. The denser the coat is the more it requires grooming and maintenance. However, not all fluffy dogs require too much grooming as the grooming needs are different in different breeds of dogs. Some of the top breeds and their grooming needs are discussed in the article to give you a better idea of how to groom your fluffy friend perfectly.